You could get shot for wearing that thing

I sometimes find it very difficult to adapt to different weather conditions.  To cope with this, I usually wear a light jacket all year round. Some might say this is “autistic.”

Last year the blogosphere was alive with rumour that Jean Charles de Menezes was in fact autistic because he was wearing a heavy jacket in summer and the police shot him because they thought under his jacket was a bomb.

This week I went to a community meeting in Treforest, and so I looked like everyone else I took my jacket off.

What a mistake this was – I had to leave the
meeting early to go to another meeting that would finish late and only realised that I had forgot my jacket when I went outside of the second meeting and it was cold.

Thankfully a Treforest community councillor realised it was my jacket and kept it for me and I picked it up the following day.

A day in the life of a friend of Gemma Bennett

On Monday my friend Mark asked me if I could help my other friend Gemma Bennett on Tuesday move her goldfish and other belongings from her old flat to her knew one.

Mark knows that I like to know in advance before doing something and that I often make plans to do something. When I went down there on Tuesday, I was waiting for Gemma to pack her things and get the goldfish ready, when something unexpected did happen.

Her landlord Richard Davies barged into the property and demanded that I leave. Richard Davies not only said it in a confrontational manner, but when I said I would not leave as I said I was helping Gemma move out he demanded to know my name, and then ordered one of Gemma’s house mates to call the police.

When Gemma said I should leave and I did, Richard Davies started to follow me and began taking pictures of me.

I then asked Richard Davies why he was taking pictures of me and he started harassing me, telling me he did not want me on his property again and then Richard Davies proceeded to tell me that he wanted me to go back to the flat to speak to the police, who were on their way.

This sort of harassment from Richard Davies is not something I or anyone else should have to put up with. He interfered with my clear plan to help Gemma move her goldfish and belongings, and then proceeded to hound me when I did what Gemma wanted me to do and leave.

What sort of world do we live in when people cannot help their friends out without being harassed by people who behave in a
wildly reckless manner like Gemma Bennett’s former landlord Richard Davies.

First Journal Entry

Jonathan believes that the Internet provides the opportunity for people to share their experiences with others in cyberspace.

Today was the day of my graduation from my degree in Multimedia Studies from the University of Glamorgan, I got a 2i overall, but managed to get a first in my project.

As you may know if you read the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer, my degree project was to develop a virtual community for the Llantrisant Town Trust. Llantrisant Online, as it is called, has many things in common with other virtual communities; in that people can post messages, chat in chat rooms and find information, but also has a few unique features. Using the feature called the ‘Circle of Friends’, people can build networks of their online friends and categorise them according to whether they are family, people they trust or people they do not trust. If someone is trusted they gain one point, if they are not trusted they loose one point.

I am now hoping to take my research further to do a PhD, something I have wanted to do since I was eleven. I want to find out whether virtual environments can be designed in such a way that they encourage people to carry out certain actions, like posting to a message board in a virtual community, or buying a product in a virtual marketplace. I will do this by developing a virtual marketplace that learns about the person using it and adapts to encourage them to continue using it.

An Apology

You may wonder why this page is so small and poorly designed. Well, my opinion is that mechanics always drive home the worst car in the garage, because they never have the time to fix their own vehicles. It’s the same with the web – too many other pages to work on.

I hope that this document will be transformed into an awe-inspiring piece of HTML 5, Web 2.0 (like Google Maps and Twitter, Facebook Apps, etc., that will exemplify all that is good in Homepage building. Deadline and envisaged for achieving this in about two months after social media platforms like MySpace and Twitter stop stealing my ideas! So, some time next decade would be a good estimate. In the meantime, tell me what you think about trolling and the Internet!