The more boobs one likes, the less one objectifies women

I was thinking today that people who read magazines like Nuts are probably less likely to objectify women than those in monogamous relationships. I know personally that since breaking up with my ex and reading Nuts Magazine there are more types of breast that I liked than when I was with her – which was her’s alone!

So I can see women as individuals with their own unique qualities, whereas those in relationships only have eyes for their partner to the ignorance of others because they have objectified their partner as the only one for them! Reading Nuts magazine does not make one objectify women, it is simply a means to provide a stimulus to the mind that men have needed for around 200,000 years. One cannot stay single and keeps one’s sanity without giving one’s psyche at least a glimpse of what it desires.

I like Andy Happel’s version of Ode to Joy, Jo. There is part of it where a group are saying that they will respect those people who think they have found their one true friend, but the group will still let that person drink with them as a group of people who recognise diversity.

With 7,000,000,000 people in the world, how can one know that the person one is with is the right person and there is not someone better out there, let alone delude oneself into thinking that their physical attributes are more desirable than anyone else’s or even that one is not objectifying women just because one doesn’t have eyes for other people.