Gavin Callaghan and McAlpine v Bercow

Gavin Callaghan is a spin-doctor for Steve Rotheram MP. He treats me like a competitor of his which is quite cute I guess. When I was a Labour councillor his age I did not have the maturity I have now so I guess he can’t be blamed for how he is. The other day he sent me this tweet in reference to an interview I had with Nicky Campbell:

This implies some deceit on my part as if I am hiding something that if known would tarnish my reputation. I therefore think this falls within the precedent set in McAlpine v Bercow then as this makes a ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ reference to an untruth it is defamation.

Gavin Callaghan may as well have said: “If only @NickyAACampbell knew who you really were *innocent face*”