Being ‘driven mad’ has its advantages

Mind Hacks argue that it is impossible for the Internet to ‘drive one mad‘.

I’m sorry to tell them, but my research in the proceedings of last week’s WORLDCOMP conference corroborates that it is possible for the Internet to cause psychotic like systems. My research argues that when an experience increases the flow while also increasing involvement, like a tough to play MMORG, then one can get symptoms of psychosis. Also I find that any traumatic experience, like being subject to intense flame trolling can cause damage to the prefrontal cortex and therefore the social impairments associated with Schizotypal disorders.

It is my view that long term being able to control when one is ‘psychotic’ and when one is not just by using thoughts, will make drugs like cannabis redundant, as one will as I show, at a ‘click of a pen’ be able to generate a manic state of mind and thus boost creativity or a relaxed state of mind and thus reduce anxiety.