How I pwned Mike Slocombe and

Mike Slocombe hosts the website, In 2007 someone on his website posted a thread saying that Welsh Labour were trying to shutdown bulletin boards, and making a reference to me. This was untrue, as I had not tried to get a website shut-down, only requesting that untrue content on it, posted by a political opponent be removed.

As you can see below, within a short period of time I was able to get that claim removed completely from Urban75, and in an entertaining way as well. In my letter I said to the ISP who hosts the Urban75 website on behalf of Mike Slocombe that if the content was not removed by him that they should shut the website down! I don’t think Mike Slocombe appreciated the irony of this!

Trolling of Mike Slocombe – How to instigate a take down notice

As you can see in the file above complaints were made about me “bumping” the post on Urban75, or in other words being an old post to the top of the list through posting to it. In the screen grab of the thread on Urban75 below, you can see that a user bumped the post again, making themselves the perfect hypocrites. This was following me posting the above document on Urban75 for them to see, and it gave me the reaction I wanted.

This was Mike Slocombe and the users pwned (i.e. beaten) in textbook style. The definition of trolling, ‘posting a message in an attempt to provoke a reaction‘ clearly worked here. This shows that it is not necessary to troll a website in order to get a reaction on it, as it is possible to troll the users on your own website and them react on their website.

Other people might want to use my letter as a model for getting content about them removed. But from my perspective, in any case, getting the users to bump the post after complaining about me doing it is a victory! I can now sit back in glee, that for as long as that webpage about me exists on Mike Slocombe’s server, I will have clear evidence for how he and his users on Urban75 were pwned by me – the pen is mightier than the sword!

Mike Slocombe Biography Debate

This document below provides a near side-by-side comparison of pen pictures and biographies of myself, Jonathan Bishop from 2010 and Mike Slocombe from 2000, written by us on our own websites about the same stages in our career.

Pen Pictures and Biographies of Mike Slocombe and Jonathan Bishop

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