‘Awful boxer’ should be ‘prosecuted’ says trolling expert

A title-winning boxer who allegedly tracked down an Internet troller and threatened to turn up at his door should be prosecuted an Internet trolling expert has said.

Former Sheffield United footballer, Curtis Woodhouse was taunted on Twitter by a so-called troll. The troller told Woodhouse, who is now a boxer, that he should “retire immediately” as he “can’t even defend a pathetic title.“ Woodhouse responded by offering a reward to his Twitter followers if they could help him track down the troller. When he found the identity of the troll he posted messages on Twitter that could be perceived as threatening. Following allegedly locating ‘Jimmyob88‘ to South Yorkshire he said on Twitter he got in his car to “give him a right pasting”. Woodhouse added. “Just on my way to Sheffield to have a little chat with an old friend, get the kettle on.

“Brutal boxer Curtis Woodhouse threatened to turn up at the door of an Internet troller. Courtesy: Birmingham Mail.

Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop said Woodhouse was out of order and should be prosecuted. “The messages he (Woodhead) posted on Twitter were menacing and put the troller in fear of violence,” he said. “Under DPP v Chambers, the Doncaster Airport case, Woodhead caused this man apprehension, so should face 6 months prison for each message that made this man feel that way under the Communications Act 2003.

When he found out about Woodhouse’s plans the man said: “I’m sorry. It’s getting out of hand. I’m in the wrong, I accept that.

The troller had be mocking Woodhouse for weeks, but Bishop says the boxer should just take it. “If he (Woodhouse) is going to put himself in the public eye, especially on Twitter then he should expect the inevitable abuse that comes with being a public figure in the information age,” he said. “If he can take it in the ring with his fits, he should be equally man enough to take it online with words. He has no right to be a brutal thug that intimidates those who he can’t deal with in the way he wants and how he wants“.