The Stupid White men who think black tea is more racist than denying equal treatment

‎”big boobs, big boobs, big boobs” – Get a life or get laid if this offends you! This world sucks from my perspective the way people are being made to feel afraid to be human because doing so might be discriminatory.

These politically correct brigots who forced Microsoft to apologise for the trolling done by one of its programmers should shut their mouths. They are not going to take sexism out of IT by changing a bit of code, but by actually training, employing and promoting women into IT roles on equal basis with equal respect as men!

Political correctness is, politically incorrectly, mostly based on “White man’s guilt”. So long as the Stupid White man is giving money to a charity to help give some crumbs to an empovirised Black man in Africa it takes away the guilt of his luxurious house, endless supply of foods, and other things they over indulge in.

Equally, by saying it is racist to call black tea ‘black tea’ these Stupid White men and their friends are offsetting their guilt for discriminating against Black people by not giving them decent jobs so they can only afford to live in the areas where their kids can only go to the crap schools.

The universities then don’t take these Black kids on, because their grades are affected by the crap education they received, regardless of their true abilities, and instead these universities import Black kids from abroad who pay 5 times as much for tuition fees. And then the cycle continues.

Thia is real racism we see generation after generation in our society and no one seems to want to do anything about it! Complaining about how one describes tea without milk is not going to give Black people the equal rights to jobs and education that they are being denied!

How to fend off the PC brigots

If you’re one of the people who thinks things have gone mad with regards to political correctness, then here is a guide for how to counter the PC brigade, or what I call ‘PC brigots’ (a combination of brigade and bigot).


If you ask someone for a ‘Black tea’ and they say that is racist against Black people, you can say, “Are you saying that Black people are all wet and contained? You should be ashamed of yourself.


If someone says to you that saying “brainstorm” is offensive to those with epilepsy (it is not to me) then say, “Are you saying all people with epilepsy are psychologically disturbed? That is disgusting”

If you say, “That is completely insane!” If someone says, “that is discrimination against mentally ill people” then you say back, “are you saying that people with mental health conditions are all insane? You are so disgraceful”

If you say, “You are a complete idiot” then if someone says “that is discrimination against people with learning (or intellectual) disabilities”, then you say back, “Are you saying people with learning (or intellectual) disabilities are idiots? You elitist snob!” – This works equally well with words like ‘retard’, which is French for slow/delayed, and other such words.


One should always try to make one’s language gender neutral, especially as this makes it easier to trip up the PC brigade. For example, if one were to say, “I think all prostitutes should be sterilised so they can’t have children”, then the chances are a PC brigot will say that is discrimination against women. You can then say, “Are you saying all prostitutes are women? You are so sexist”


In conclusion, to fight off the PC brigots one must turn around what one is being accused of being a bigot on to the PC brigot. So as soon as they say you are bigoted for saying a word that could describe a minority if used in bad faith, you must make them realise it is them acting in bad faith by assuming that word is generalisable to that group they claim to be protecting the interests of. Just because others give an offensive meaning to a word that you use – it is them that are the bigots, for not accepting your definition (i.e. how you meant it).