My primary religious beliefs (premises)

Any question the Church and Politicians can’t answer today Scientists will be able to answer tomorrow.

Any advancement towards peace among individuals, families, communities and nations today, will have been envisaged by those Prophets and Disciples who wrote the Bible yesterday.

Those who make scientific theories that can’t be proven today are the Prophets who may be proven right tomorrow. For instance, the Charles Darwin is being proven right in many of the claims he made which couldn’t be refuted at the time. One who considers the Bible to have legitimacy should only do so in so far as science has not proved to to be false. Equally, any scientific texts should be considered true only in so far as they are falsifiable by other scientific texts or processes.

Everlasting life comes after death by being in the minds of the people of the future, whether in memes such as through literary works or in physical presence, such as via cryogenic restoration.

God exists in the minds of those who know of the concept, just as Robin Hood does. Science will one day be able to measure the existence of God. Until then Go should be assumed to refer to all the knowledge there is possible to be known that science does not know.

This list is not complete and may be extended.

Food and Freedom

God recognises the importance of food – those who lack food are not only physically impoverished, but mentally and cognitively also.

It is suggested in Nehemiah 8 that humans must choose the food they want, and this right is dependent on free will. It would be against the spirit of God’s law to deny people the right to make choices in any area in which they could grow as humans. Whether this is choosing the best options for their healthcare or their venue for learning, or anything else, it is only by making choices for themselves on the basis of their own knowledge that they avoid the clutches of the serpent that caused Adam and Eve to disobey God’s word and start the human evolutionary journey. To do otherwise would deny them the freewill gifted by God.

To recognise Adam, one should eat spare or other ribs on a Saturday in recognition of the birth of woman, from whom Christ was destined to be created. One should also feast on Tuesday for it is the start of the week and should be used for preparing for the remainder of the week.

The farmers of the past have given away to the scientists of today. It is science that will make the meek filled with good things. By developing Genetically Modified foods they will ensure that humans get the enjoyment of food in pursuit of everlasting life in Jesus’s kingdom on Earth, where in the future there will be no starvation and no death.