Why is Doctor Mike Reddy denying paid up gradautes references?

A former tutor of mine, Doctor Mike Reddy, has been refusing to give former students references. Previously I had been refused a reference by Professor Guoping Liu even though my taxes pay his wages.

My last degree was awarded in 2011 by Aberystwyth University, and they have given me references since then as many universities require a reference from the institution where your last degree was awarded and so if the last degree someone got that they were taught by Mike Reddy was 2002 – when I was awarded my first degree – then he should provide references until that person is awarded another degree.

It is disgusting that universities talk about ‘commencement’ at graduation ceremonies, yet in the case of Doctor Mike Reddy and Professor Guoping Liu, they have no intention of aiding with that.

It is disgusting that Doctor Mike Reddy is refusing to provide references to students who studied on programmes he designed or delivered.

Both Doctor Mike Reddy and Professor Guoping Liu, and any other lecturer funded by the Welsh tax payer, are a total disgrace if they are not willing to do all they can to help the university’s students and graduates get on in the world.

It will be part of my election campaign for the Welsh Assembly to require universities to provide value for money.

How is it value for money for Doctor Mike Reddy to have outputted less than 10 academic papers since he got his PhD in 1999?

And equally, if Professor Guoping Liu is not willing to help Welsh graduates reach as high a status in an international body like the IEEE at the same time as being paid by the Welsh tax payer, then he should go back to China where he will likely be welcomed by other human rights deniers.