Russell Brand on Question Time – Rhetoric or just thick?

Who is Russell Brand? To me Russell Brand is that guy who got lucky with Katy Perry, but what she saw in him I don’t know! Or do I?

Most people with autism are logically based and most people with empathism rhetorically based. Russell Brand from his Question Time performance was 100% rhetoric, with no substance whatsoever.

I think the women who take part in beauty pageants, and a male school friend I like, are sexy not because of how they physically look, but because of how absent of any substance intellectually. That must be the appeal of Russell Brand to others who agree with the rhetoric he spouts.

Russell Brand on Question Time was as populist as Nigel Farage, but without the ability. Those who find Russell Brand sexy should switch to Johnny Depp, who has the looks and the brains – They should let Shania Twain date Russel Brand! I can see why Katy Perry left him when the novelty wore off! He is cute for his passion but has nothing much otherwise.

His statement on QuestionTime to say he does not want to become a politician in case he becomes like them shows he lacks even more substance to be able to hold onto his beliefs when they are challenged in order to stand up to the scrutiny required. He has policies but no way to achieve them.

I am setting up a global social enterprise, which will use its profits to achieve charitable aims. If the Sun reports are right, why is Russell Brand putting his money in a tax haven and not a charity that could achieve in action what he says in words?

Today I stood for election in Tynant and got 20 votes. That is more votes than Russell Brand has ever got. I haven’t yet been invited on Question Time. However, my campaign was against the reintroduction of fox hunting and I was able to communicate with all sides and those who were more divided, and have become more informed on the debate through engaging with people. From his Question Time performance, Russell Brand could never do this because he lacks substance to put meat on the bone of what he says he believes.

Those who are unelected, which includes myself at this point in time, can only speak for themselves. Only if someone is elected by the popular vote can they legitimately speak for other people. If Russell Brand is not willing to stand for election or use his millions to put his words into action, then he is no better than anyone else who says one thing and does another, or possibly worse, nothing.