Don’t VProud – VAshamed

VProud has been touted as a social networking service for women says The Cut. For me it is better named VAshamed.

The idea of creating a social networking for women as an alternative to a mainstream site like Facebook is disgraceful.

Throughout history, women have given their lives to get equal rights for men and women onto the statute books. To say it is a good thing not to enforce these rights shows they don’t make women like they used to. It seems today’s feminists want to have the rights that were hard won, but none of the responsibilities that go with them. They seem to want to fight with their mouth but let their brain to a runner.

My grandmother is what I call Rhondda Woman – whilst it was Rhondda Man who thought he was the head of the household, it was Rhondda Woman who actually was, ensuring that the children were fed before the money had a chance to get peed away at the pub. My grandmother was a political activist, knocking on doors to further her political beliefs.

When people were abusive to my grandmother, she wouldn’t roll on the floor crying like Caroline Criado-Perez and Stealla Creasy MP have over a few trolls, she would continue to argue for what she believed in.

It is one thing to have websites like Cafe Mom, where women who are mothers can meet like-minded people to share experiences with, but for women to leave a mainstream website like Facebook or Twitter because of trolls shows they do not deserve the hard-fought rights they are all too easily giving up.

My future wife

A wife is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Being 33 I therefore think it would be pointless having a relationship with the intentions of getting married. It is likely that I and the other person would lack the maturity that one would need for such a commitment and with today’s pressures it is really difficult to find someone in my age group wanting such a life long commitment.

When I was on the roll of my local church in my early 20s I thought the words of Christ “if you look at another woman lustfully you should gouge your eye out as you have already committed sin in your heart,” as essential to a life long relationship, which when we are in love we all think that is what is going to happen.

I have found that being with a female parter caused problems in that I would be afraid to look at other – attractive – women because I did not want to commit Sin. Now I am single it is slightly easier to, and I feel that the only way around this problem is to assume that Christ was referring to someone one is married to, not going out with or engaged to. Although in the case of the latter one should be moving towards the maturity needed to having a wife who one does not feel one is cheating on by looking at another.

So the wife I want will be the sort of person that on a mutual basis be someone:

  • who would not need to look like a super model
  • who would stay with me and stand by me no matter what
  • who I would trust with mine and my children’s life, and for them not to take either from me
  • who would not do anything that would be expediently good for them but bad for me
  • who would be having sex with me out of pure and clean love, commitment, and dedication, and not dirty and selfish sex

In other words my wife would be someone who has all the things one would not expect a girlfriend to have (which are ten-a-penny) rather than being worth their weight in gold, as a wife would be.

Gender Differences between Labour Women in Central and Eastern South Wales

I was in the Labour Party for 14 years. One thing most people will remember about me was how I spoke up for all-women shortlists and decried the way women were forced into traditional gender roles, like making their tea in Ogmore or taking in the minutes in Pontypridd. I challenged both of these by taking on the role of Secretary in both constituencies, and showing the men in Ogmore CLP how to make tea – don’t ask me how to boil an egg though!

Most of the women I know in Pontypridd CLP are neo-feminists – they want to be treated on the same terms as men because their values are still outdated, so they adopt all their negative traits such as being delusional about their true abilities and worthiness and try to control where they have no competency.

The women I know in Ogmore CLP are not even feminists – they know the men won’t listen anyway because they think they know it all so let them get on with it and keep making mistakes.

The women I know in Rhondda CLP on the other had have no such hang-ups; they are assertive yet tolerant and competent and strong willed – the men in Rhondda know they have met their match! The women in the Rhondda CLP are proud to be women and proud to be from Rhondda – they know they don’t need to be treated the same as Rhondda men, because they are confident in their abilities and who they are and in being themselves.