Sian Lloyd is not alone

As a former Labour Party member I think I can shed some light on why Sian Lloyd was not invited to the wedding of her stepdaughter.

It is likely to be because her relations like many other socialist party members have impaired relationship skills, even if they have good social skills. I have published research on this condition, which I call ‘empathism.’

Empathism affects more women than men, and people with the condition will break off relationships over the slightest of issues – such as differences of opinion on the war on Iraq.

People cut dead by empathics can feel despair at best and rage or suicide at worst. This includes men dumped overnight by their girlfriends who they still have a strong affinity to, but have not been able to get closure with.

If it was personal issues that meant Sian Lloyd wasn’t invited, then maybe she could get comfort in knowing that most people in the Labour Party and politics are the same. If you are not in their little empathic clique you are as good as dead to them!