Why I didn’t subscribe to the Pontypridd War Memorial

When I was on Pontypridd Town Council another councillor, Colin Gregory, proposed a motion that a dedicated war memorial be put in Ynysangharad War Memorial Park. I seconded this motion, as he can verify, and the ball was set in motion.

Following that resolution I proposed a number of additional proposals. I proposed that the war memorial also include the miners and other members of the Land Army that contributed. Despite another councillor, Steven Rosser, seconding my motion it was not passed. Being a Co-operative Party councillor at the time, I also said that it should be funded by public subscriptions. This was passed. Yet even though it went into action I am resentful that none of the credit for the policy was given to me. I was not invited to any events and others claimed the credit. Because of this I did not take part in my own policy.

There were a number of other things on the council that others took credit for even though I proposed them. For instance as soon as I was elected to the council I asked the Town Council’s clerk to put on the agenda about having a Charter between RCT Council and Pontypridd Town Council. This went through yet others, like Steve Carter who was Mayor, took the credit.