Jeffrey David Maund’s bigotry

Jeffrey David Maund is a former pastor of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Jeffrey David Maund gave me a book which was the who’s who of the old testament. The book given to me by Jeffrey David Maund has detailed accounts of Abraham and his son Isaac.

When I tried to explain to Jeffrey David Maund that I deduced from the book that the practice of circumcision must have come from Abraham not being able to “cope with Isaac’s behaviour” because he was born when Abraham and Sarah were over 90 and baptism was introduced by John and Jesus to replace the need for Jews and Muslims to circumcise, Jeffrey David Maund said I was “A bit mixed up.

Jeffrey David Maund is a religious bigot. He claimed to have belonged to the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He should thus believe in baptism for the remission of sins, not circumcision!

Mike Jones – Wales Cooperative Centre

Mike Jones of the Wales Cooperative Centre does not know what my organisation’s activities are because he haven’t seen the business plan we are working on, so shouldn’t be sending me emails saying about its prospects.

At the end of the day Mike Jones of the Wales Cooperative Centre is in a job he lacks the abilities and capacity to do and I look forward to Brexit cleaning lazy people like Mike Jones out of the closet.

Social Business Wales was set up to bring social enterprises in line with Welsh Government policies. Mike Jones is not doing that so should be fired for someone who has the competence to use tax payers money properly.

Mike Jones of the Wales Cooperative Centre cannot tell me my business is not high growth, as Mike Jones is not qualified to. I and my family are far more successful than Mike Jones of the Wales Cooperative Centre..

Those who work for me are icons of workfullness, whereas Mike Jones of the Wales Cooperative Centre embodies laziness.

Racism on Pentyrch Community Council

I applied to be co-opted to Pentyrch Community Council. The Localism Act 2011 requires that those who are co-opted to a community council meet the criteria while they are a member. It is the responsibility of the person concerned to know their eligibility. There were three vacancies. Two said they were from Creigiau and the Chair made known I was from Efail Isaf. Whilst I confirmed I was eligible – being within three miles, the chairman as that this be confirmed. Under the council’s rules candidates have to be treated equally. Therefore the other candidates should have had their eligibility checked also, as the Localism Act 2011 rules could have meant they were not eligible if they had not lived in the area for 12 months, were not on the electoral register, or any of the other criteria. They gave reasons for wanted to be co-opted and were accepted, whereas mine was deferred to the next month. When I gave the same reasons as them at the next meeting the chairman shouted me down. He then had other members ask me questions that were not asked of the other candidates. I was thus not treated equally. I thus believe this amounts to racism because I was treated less favourably than the other two candidates because their perceived ethnicity was being from the community of Pentyrch whereas my perceived ethnicity was being from the community of Llantwit Fardre.

I plan to complain through the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales and potentially the Administrative Court for Wales. Acts like this might have been going on for 100s of years, but when they happen to me they are not tolerated regardless of whether or not others tolerated.

Alan Corkish

Alan Corkish blocked me on Facebook following me pointing out his bigotry in terms of those he considers “educated.”

Alan Corkish is abusive towards anyone who does not like the way he condemns those of faith, so is a good addition to my list of atheists I have been blocked by, which include Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins.

I set up Alan Corkish like a corker. According to him being educated includes have the bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees he has. So I showed Alan Corkish all my post-nominals and it was not long before he blocked me.

So many atheists suffer a neurosis where they claim to embody logic yet become scatty whenever one challenges them on their religious beliefs.

Science is not as certain as atheists would like to claim it is. As I explained to Alan Corkish, what is fact and fiction about black-holes changes almost daily, and so science is not stable as what is fact today is fiction tomorrow.

Dr Daniel Cunliffe

Dr Daniel Cunliffe stopped me getting a PhD. Dr Daniel Cunliffe took a number of steps to stop me getting a PhD. He was cordial with me in person and by email when in reality behind my back he was saying he did not want to have any involvement with me. Dr Daniel Cunliffe is the scum of the earth and should be ashamed with himself for being so two-faced.

Professor David Brooksbank

Professor David Brooksbank stopped me getting a doctorate. Professor David Brooksbank led a campaign of harassment against me that culminated in Professor David Brooksbank getting my supervisory team to sign a change of enrolment form without my consent. Professor David Brooksbank had that form put to a committee and then thanked the secretary of that committee when it was accepted. Professor David Brooksbank is a scheming turd hole who should be ashamed to call himself an academic.

Dr Hillary Berger

Dr Hillary Berger stopped me getting a doctorate. Dr Hillary Berger signed a change of enrolment form that meant I was not able to complete my doctoral studies. Dr Hillary Berger says she has never had a student fail a doctorate. Maybe that is because she gets rid of those she does not like before they have a chance to. Dr Hillary Berger refused to arrange meetings with me, yet had weekly meetings with another student.

PC Tim Davies

PC Tim Davies stopped me getting a doctorate. PC Tim Davies was the student liaison office at Cardiff Metropolitan University. PC Tim Davies tricked a member of staff at the university into thinking I had a criminal record, when I did not. This “assumption” PC Tim Davies led the member of staff to make was then used to force a change of enrolment so that I could not complete my studies. PC Tim Davies is a complete scumbag. If I had my way he would be a community street care warden responsible for picking up dog crap!