Racism on Pentyrch Community Council

I applied to be co-opted to Pentyrch Community Council. The Localism Act 2011 requires that those who are co-opted to a community council meet the criteria while they are a member. It is the responsibility of the person concerned to know their eligibility. There were three vacancies. Two said they were from Creigiau and the Chair made known I was from Efail Isaf. Whilst I confirmed I was eligible – being within three miles, the chairman as that this be confirmed. Under the council’s rules candidates have to be treated equally. Therefore the other candidates should have had their eligibility checked also, as the Localism Act 2011 rules could have meant they were not eligible if they had not lived in the area for 12 months, were not on the electoral register, or any of the other criteria. They gave reasons for wanted to be co-opted and were accepted, whereas mine was deferred to the next month. When I gave the same reasons as them at the next meeting the chairman shouted me down. He then had other members ask me questions that were not asked of the other candidates. I was thus not treated equally. I thus believe this amounts to racism because I was treated less favourably than the other two candidates because their perceived ethnicity was being from the community of Pentyrch whereas my perceived ethnicity was being from the community of Llantwit Fardre.

I plan to complain through the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales and potentially the Administrative Court for Wales. Acts like this might have been going on for 100s of years, but when they happen to me they are not tolerated regardless of whether or not others tolerated.

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