Alan Corkish

Alan Corkish blocked me on Facebook following me pointing out his bigotry in terms of those he considers “educated.”

Alan Corkish is abusive towards anyone who does not like the way he condemns those of faith, so is a good addition to my list of atheists I have been blocked by, which include Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins.

I set up Alan Corkish like a corker. According to him being educated includes have the bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees he has. So I showed Alan Corkish all my post-nominals and it was not long before he blocked me.

So many atheists suffer a neurosis where they claim to embody logic yet become scatty whenever one challenges them on their religious beliefs.

Science is not as certain as atheists would like to claim it is. As I explained to Alan Corkish, what is fact and fiction about black-holes changes almost daily, and so science is not stable as what is fact today is fiction tomorrow.

Is Sally Llewellyn as clever as she thinks she is?

I was just blocked on Facebook by Sally Llewellyn, the discussion that led to this went as follows:

Sally Llewellyn said:

Look. Does any of that matter if what he is saying now and sticking up for the disadvantaged now, wtf does this matter? Stop being a childish imbecile, because you’re getting right on my nerves.

I said:

My issue is that people are seeing him as some sort of Saviour. I first became a politician in 2003, and he is doing nothing different to any of the others – saying what people want to hear, but with no prospect of achieving anything in reality. If he had such prospects then he wouldn’t be afraid to take on the establishment through actions instead of words.

Sally Llewellyn said:

So fucking what???? SO FUCKING WHAT????

I said:

Intelligent people like you are seeing him as a Saviour, not just the usual suspects who support BNP/UKIP.

Sally Llewellyn said:

You’re the one going on about ‘saviour’…….

I said:

That is how I’ve seen you and others speak about him – like he’s some sort of living legend, a modern day Robin Hood!

Sally Llewellyn said:

Oh fuck up

I said:

It bothers me when uneducated people are deceived by media manipulation by ‘charismatic leaders,’ but when educated people like you are as well, it severely worries me!

Sally Llewellyn said:

Do I have to repeat myself? It’s not about ‘personality’ it’s about content. What part of that are you not grasping?

I said:

I hear you, but cannot you see it is rhetoric? There is no capacity in Russell Brand to realise an alternative beyond that rhetoric? WWII was started because the masses were fooled by anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Sally Llewellyn said:

Are you comparing Brand to Hitler??? Lol

I said:

I have compared the rhetoric of Tony Blair and Barrack Obama to Hitler, and Brand’s is little different.

Sally Llewellyn said:

How on earth have you come to that conclusion? No, don’t tell me, I actually cannot put up with any more of your bollocks.

I linked to:

Does the left use rhetoric about peace and equality to create war?

I said:

That article looks at the narratives of speeches by Tony Blair and Barrack Obama and shows how that text is near identical to Hitler’s.

You might find some of what they are saying has been said by Brand also.

At that point Sally Llewellyn blocked me. From what I have seen Sally Llewellyn has had at least two husbands; Mr Roberts and Mr Stokes. It would appear that unless people say things she agrees with – like Russell Brand did – then Sally Llewellyn cannot hold down any form of relationship with them.

Defriending by Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks, a Labour Party Member who I have known since my university days, defriended and blocked me on Facebook, just because, it seems, I said that Karen Wikie, Secretary of the Co-operative Party, did not to anything about the discrimination (i.e. breaches of the Equality Act) by the Pontypridd Town Labour Group against me when I was a town councillor. I said she wouldn’t have my support in the forthcoming bye-election selections.

By doing this Steve Brooks has probably broken the law, Section 27(2)(d) of the Equality Act 2010 to be precise. This says that it is victimization to subject me to a detriment just because I raised an allegation that is covered by that Act.

Stephen Brooks should be ashamed to call himself a democrat if he ceases associating with people just because they have a different opinion to him and because they feel discriminated against!

I think if Kier Hardie was alive today, he would probably have a nervous breakdown seeing what his party has become. Does Steve Brooks feel what he did is what he would have wanted him to do?

I think Kier Hardie would respect me more for leaving the Labour Party to form my own in the same manner as him, as he was a principled man like myself, and not like Stephen Brooks and most other influential in the Labour Party, who in my view use the Party to get access to public life for their own interests and not to realise Kier Hardie’s dreams and aspirations.

Owen Jones – The Undemocratic Chav Misrepresenter

Many people will know Owen Jones as the author of, ‘Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class‘. He describes himself on Twitter:

Socialist, Independent columnist, author of ‘Chavs’, Sheffield-born but Stockport-bred, looks a bit like a 12 year old. My views only, obviously.

Owen Jones might look like a twelve year old, but compared to the many idealistic 12-year-olds out there, he seems to me to be more entrenched in the status quo than they are or would want to be. Owen Jones may have been Sheffield-born, but Owen Jones lacks in my view the character of the reputed Sheffield-born outlaw Robin Hood, whose claimed birthplace in nearby Loxley I once visited.

On Twitter I have long spoken against the way Owen Jones uses the word ‘chav’ as if it is an insult. As a media studies graduate, for me the word is no different to ‘NEET’ or ‘Mondeo Man’. It describe a specific type of person, which in my view should be defined as follows:

Someone who is in a socio-economic bracket lower than what they would prefer, who design their life around making themselves believe that they are in that higher socio-economic bracket so that they don’t become depressed and are instead happy.

So it is easy for one to see how say a couple made up of teachers who teach at state schools, who live in a posh area and act as if they are millionaires are also ‘chavs’, but I would say these are not as desirable as the traditional chavs who claim welfare benefits, because these people often look down on others, like the traditional chavs Owen Jones speaks of, even they are funded from the same pot of tax-payers money as public sector workers.

As you can see, this opinion of mine is legitimately constructed, but it would seem that Owen Jones thinks I have no right to express it. Owen Jones, who uses Twitter under the username @OwenJones84 has blocked my account from posting to his page – all because he disagrees with me!

I often block people I feel do not give the confirmation bias I want from my personal Facebook profile, but the people who I do this, are free to debate with me peacefully uncensored  on my Facebook Page and Twitter account. I am a true democrat, unlike Owen Jones in my opinion. This is so much the case, that one of my opponents at the last election, Jools Jones, who was unable to deliver her leaflets because of a recent operation, had the support of my firm, The Crocels Press Limited, to deliver her leaflets. In the end she beat me, but as a true democrat is was more important to me that she had a fair shot at the election than for me to win without a fair fight.

People like Owen Jones, claim to be socialists, but in my view their so-called ‘solidarity’ is only with the few socialists who agree with everything they they, and those socialists who disagree with them do not seem to count. When I was in the Labour Party it was rare to find any more than three people who could get on at the same time. Things were very clique-like, and it seems that Owen Jones, who became a celebrity because of that book, is no different. Owen Jones now finds himself well funded among the chattering classes, giving sympathy to poor people, of which I’m one, yet Owen Jones is so remote from ordinary people, I feel he has become “one of them”.

Owen Jones appears to me to be clinging to this idea that ‘Chav’ is  that is a bad word that stigmatises. When one comes across a stigmatising word you have two options:

  1. To try to stop the word being used
  2. To redefine the word and re-purpose or re-mould it
I would prefer to do the latter of these. There are many good things about being a Chav. One is aspirational, and want a better life. One is not willing to let one’s poverty get the better of you or make you bitter. And, regardless of what people think of you, you are happy to believe the things you do and what the things you do.
The so called working-class Chavs spoken about by Owen Jones are often on one of more of the following Welfare benefits:
  1. Income Support
  2. Incapacity Benefit
  3. Employment and Support Allowance
I was once on these, and as you can see from the following video, I took advantage of those opportunties to me when I was forced off them to go to being a ‘level 2 chav’, where I am dependent on Tax Credits, not because I lack ability or ambition, but because like the level 1 chavs are denied jobs I am denied government tenders. Owen Jones cannot appreciate the good side of being a Chav, so Owen Jones is as much a part of the problem of stigmatising being a Chav as those he complaints about.

Before Owen Jones came on the scene, with what I see as vieled bigotry towards being a Chav, I created a quiz on Facebook called ‘Are you Chav Labour?’ – to be a Chav you had to prefer Gabrielle’s R&B song, ‘Dreams can Come True’, like the golden merchandise from the Labour Party, among other stereotypical attributes. But, the groups you could be assigned to were ‘Stooge Labour’, ‘Pacifist Labour’ and ‘Chav Labour’ – The only one I wrote up in a positive way was ‘Chav Labour’ because Chavs embody the Labour movement, which is being ambitious and wanting a better life than what you are given. Owen Jones might not want to accept that being a Chav can be a good thing, but that is Owen Jones’s unfortunate way of looking at the world that we have to suffer.