Defriending by Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks, a Labour Party Member who I have known since my university days, defriended and blocked me on Facebook, just because, it seems, I said that Karen Wikie, Secretary of the Co-operative Party, did not to anything about the discrimination (i.e. breaches of the Equality Act) by the Pontypridd Town Labour Group against me when I was a town councillor. I said she wouldn’t have my support in the forthcoming bye-election selections.

By doing this Steve Brooks has probably broken the law, Section 27(2)(d) of the Equality Act 2010 to be precise. This says that it is victimization to subject me to a detriment just because I raised an allegation that is covered by that Act.

Stephen Brooks should be ashamed to call himself a democrat if he ceases associating with people just because they have a different opinion to him and because they feel discriminated against!

I think if Kier Hardie was alive today, he would probably have a nervous breakdown seeing what his party has become. Does Steve Brooks feel what he did is what he would have wanted him to do?

I think Kier Hardie would respect me more for leaving the Labour Party to form my own in the same manner as him, as he was a principled man like myself, and not like Stephen Brooks and most other influential in the Labour Party, who in my view use the Party to get access to public life for their own interests and not to realise Kier Hardie’s dreams and aspirations.

Does Labour councillor for Tonteg Jean Hutchinson realise how silly she sounds?

A newly elected Labour councillor for Tonteg, Jean Hutchinson, told me today that the party that my best friend Mark Beech and I set up, The Pluralist Party has no right to call itself democratic because it only has two members. Jean Hutchinson also said that our co-operative, Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd, which only has four members, can’t be considered significant either.

The thing Labour councillor for Tonteg, Jean Hutchinson needs to realise is it is action on the ground that counts. Jean Hutchinson’s Labour Party can have as many members and councillors that it wants – My grandfather was offered a co-option onto Llantrisant Town Council. As you can see here, he said he wouldn’t sit with those (persons) if they were the last people on earth. If Labour councillor Jean Hutchinson is anything to go by I don’t blame him. She used to be a nice person until she became a Labour councillor. It seems that all women who sit among the persons in the Labour Group on Llantwit Fardre Community Council, who I consider chauvinist bigots, don’t keep their pleasant zeal for that long.

My firm, Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd, while only having 4 members, has engaged over ten people in the last three years, who have worked on various projects. The artist, who worked on our underpass project in Treforest, is now a senior art teacher at Hawthorn High School. One of our former directors is now on the board of a Plc. And as you can see here, I have gone from being an employee to being a director of three limited companies. Everyone who has worked for GBL has gone on to make a difference elsewhere.

Being someone who listens to Richard Branson’s CD’s I’m convinced small is beautiful. The Virgin Empire is made up of lots of small firms each run by their own managing director. Richard Branson knows from complete experience, what I know from experience and academia, which is that the closer the most senior people who direct the use of the business revenue are to the workers who receive it, the more successful a business will be. I knew this at 15, when a business as part of a school project failed because not everyone was a shareholder and thus weren’t motivated to work for the business. I became a believer in co-operativism when I was 15 by experience, unlike the many members of Labour’s sister party The Co-operative Party who are there in Labour MP Owen Smith’s words for ‘CV points’. I unfortunately agree with him, and their lack of commitment to the co-operative movement was no more apparent than when they expelled me from the party for co-operating with other co-operators who happened to be members of Plaid Cymru. I had co-operated with these persons, who direct the Plaid Cymru Credit Union, in my capacity as director of GBL, yet because I worked with them on Pontypridd Town Council, a body the Labour Party don’t recognise, I was in the wrong in the Co-op Party’s eyes because I should have only co-operated with Labour Party members who did not support co-operativism.

So, can Labour councillor for Tonteg Jean Hutchinson tell me what she has done the last few years as a member of the Pontypridd Labour Party which at most has 600 members? I’m sure it is a lot less that what Mark and I have achieved through our firm, by bringing people together for ad hoc projects, without the inefficient permanent staffing structure other organisations have which reduces what they can give for each pound of turnover they have.