Defriending by Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks, a Labour Party Member who I have known since my university days, defriended and blocked me on Facebook, just because, it seems, I said that Karen Wikie, Secretary of the Co-operative Party, did not to anything about the discrimination (i.e. breaches of the Equality Act) by the Pontypridd Town Labour Group against me when I was a town councillor. I said she wouldn’t have my support in the forthcoming bye-election selections.

By doing this Steve Brooks has probably broken the law, Section 27(2)(d) of the Equality Act 2010 to be precise. This says that it is victimization to subject me to a detriment just because I raised an allegation that is covered by that Act.

Stephen Brooks should be ashamed to call himself a democrat if he ceases associating with people just because they have a different opinion to him and because they feel discriminated against!

I think if Kier Hardie was alive today, he would probably have a nervous breakdown seeing what his party has become. Does Steve Brooks feel what he did is what he would have wanted him to do?

I think Kier Hardie would respect me more for leaving the Labour Party to form my own in the same manner as him, as he was a principled man like myself, and not like Stephen Brooks and most other influential in the Labour Party, who in my view use the Party to get access to public life for their own interests and not to realise Kier Hardie’s dreams and aspirations.

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