Jeffrey David Maund’s bigotry

Jeffrey David Maund is a former pastor of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Jeffrey David Maund gave me a book which was the who’s who of the old testament. The book given to me by Jeffrey David Maund has detailed accounts of Abraham and his son Isaac.

When I tried to explain to Jeffrey David Maund that I deduced from the book that the practice of circumcision must have come from Abraham not being able to “cope with Isaac’s behaviour” because he was born when Abraham and Sarah were over 90 and baptism was introduced by John and Jesus to replace the need for Jews and Muslims to circumcise, Jeffrey David Maund said I was “A bit mixed up.

Jeffrey David Maund is a religious bigot. He claimed to have belonged to the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He should thus believe in baptism for the remission of sins, not circumcision!

Apocalypse – Imagining the End Submission

For centuries there has been mystique around the Four Horse Men of the Apocalypse and Revelations in general. This paper shows through regression analysis that Conquest could represent when Solomon became King, War represents the splitting of the Tribes of Israel after Solomon’s line was challenged. Equally, Famine represents the holocaust-like conditions imposed on the Arabs in the Holy Land by the assumed Israel State today, and Death, which is predicted to occur around the year 3,000, represents the return of Christ.

The paper also discusses the role of the Bible as an insight into apocalyptic pasts in the world history.  It is argued that the creation of life on earth is cyclical, and this can be explained by science, and associated with Biblical myths which could be re-tellings of folk tales based on this scientific reality, passed down generations as memes.

The creation and increase in population of mankind in Genesis 1 and 9 can be considered to represent the interbreeding of homo-genus species. The condemnation of mankind for its wrong doings in Genesis 6:1-6 and Romans 1, which can be seen to be reflected in the holocaust of many of God’s children in the Holy Land in the case of the latter. The following drowning of the species in Genesis 6:8 to 8:22 and Revelations 6 can be seen to represent the peak of climate change, where torrential weather conditions drive most species to their death for over indulging in the user of carbon resources.

It can therefore be seen that the creation of mankind is a repeating process, which comes after the flooding of the world (by God or climate change), and is followed by the creation of man (by evolution, or God as Genesis 3), or other advanced beings. If the regression analysis presented is accurate, then theologically Revelations will happen around the year 3,000 where climate change would wipe out all those beings whom cannot live under water as the mammals that evolved from being on the sea to the land after an earlier climate change – or even on top of the water, as with Noah in Genesis 6-9.

Calculating Judgement Day using Multiple Linear Regression: Considering the Four Horsemen of the Apocoplypse

There is a brilliant song by Busted called “Year 3000.” One of the lyrics in it are that in the year 3000 not much has changed but we live under water. Here is a video of them performing it live:

I think there may be a hidden truth in this. If climate change were to bite, one of the safest places for us to retreat to would be the depths of the sea. There is oxygen in water, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to transform it into breathable air within the domes we could live in. But what is so significant about the year 3,000? It is possible that with all the carbon emissions we’re producing, especially due to the growth of economies like China, and other emerging economies in Asia, that the effects of climate change could be speeded up so that an apocalypse-like situation emerges around about this time.

The species that survived the extinction of dinosaurs were the mammals who took to the sea before re-taking the land. Will humans have to live under water to survive climate change?
The species that survived the extinction of dinosaurs were the mammals who took to the sea before re-taking the land. Will humans have to live under water to survive climate change?

I shall present below statistical evidence to support the idea of the ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse’ spoken  of in Revelations, which is in both the Second Testament (the New Testament) and the Third Testament (the Qu’ran).

As you can see above, I have linked world events, as recorded, to the four horsemen of the apocalypse spoken of in Revelations. The dates may not be complete accurate, but there is probably only small variations to the known dates of when King Solomon was enthroned as the Desire of Nations as ruler over the Holy Land and when the tribes of Israel split because the Israelites wouldn’t accept Solomon’s son as King. The latter is what caused the problems in the Middle East we are still seeing today. In terms of famine I have put last year (2012) as the date, which was when Ministers from the Israel State declared a holocaust on the Arabs in the Palestinian Territories within the Holy Land.


Horseman #

1. Conquest

2. War

3. Famine

4. Death

World Event

King Solomon Enthroned

Splitting of Tribes of Israel

Starving of Palestinians

Climate Change Bites






Using these three years, I then use a statistical technique called multiple linear regression to predict the fourth year, which by using the dates I found, means that the ‘Death’ horseman corresponds with the year 3027, which I link to climate change.

Regression is a standard statistical technique, which is based on theory. On that basis it is as valid as any other mathematically calculated theory, including ones claiming to prove a deity does not exist. This theory is based on historical evidence, just as many of the so-called ‘proven’ theories a deity doesn’t exist. The fact is; no theory, no matter what science one users, whether statistics as I have, or simple mental logic based on probability as some others use, until there is strong empirical evidence to support the existence or otherwise of a deity, one person’s judgement is as good as any other.

Based on the above theory, which using a statistical technique, then in religious terms it is likely that Judgement Day, when the return of Jesus occurs, will be around the year 3000. In theological terms I regard the Messiah at the right hand of the Lord will need to be incarnated into someone of David’s line, in order to become the Fourth Messiah and Son (after Solomon, Christ, Muhammed), the third King (after David, Solomon), and second Desire of Nations (after Solomon). I call this person, Isa, which is the Muslim name for Jesus.

The Holy Trinity and the Desire of Nations

In the Holy Trinity of Christianity there is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are God, Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Many Christians believe all three are equal. But I would say that to believe this would be to break the ten commandments as there should be no god (including Christ) above The Lord (i.e. God/Allah).

Equally, I don’t think that Jesus Christ is the only Son. There is at least two others in my point of view – Solomon and Muhammad. In the three Abrahamic texts (i.e. Bible and Qu’ran) references to “your Lord” and “my Lord” refer to one of The Lord’s Sons.cThe Son could be many people eligible from David’s line. So when “The Lord says unto my Lord” – my Lord is the Son and The Lord is God/Allah.

I has been argued that the problems in Israel and Palestine were caused when the Israelites would not accept Solomon’s son as King. This may be considered correct because Solomon’s line was condemned for him worshipping other gods, the First Testament says. But the situation that exists in that region now – where the leaders are not of David’s line – does not in any way represent the ideal in the Abrahamic texts.

Theologically I think that Christ will come through the body of someone from David’s line – but one which is not from Solomon’s line. Because of the various parts of human nature, The Lord will have to keep the Holy Spirit turning a Son into a Messiah and Son until the point the whole world recognises them as the Desire of Nations by being Messiah, Son and King. So far, Christ and Muhammed have failed. It would not have been necessary for them to have called by The Lord (God/Allah) if Solomon had not worshipped other gods and brought The Lord’s Kingdom on Earth into disrepute. Solomon was once the Desire of Nations, but failed at the job!

An interpretation of Abrahamic texts in relation to the State of Israel, created by Man and not The Lord

This is an interpretation of the Bible in relation to the legitimacy of the State of Israel created by humans in ‘The Lord God’s’ eyes as described in the Abrahamic texts.

The Holy Land and the State of Israel

The Holy Land is not promised to the State of Israel, but to the House of Israel and its King’s subjects. The First Testament says that David’s line shall always be king [2 Samuel 7:12-16, 2 Chronicles 13:5, Psalm 89:20-37]. At the moment Israel does not exist in God’s eyes because it is not led by someone of David’s line. That is the reason Christ has to come again in a form chosen by The Lord God, so The Lord’s ‘Messiah and Son’ can have their rightful place as King of Israel and thus by doing both these things become the ‘Desire of Nations.’

The Rejection of Christ by the Jews

Christ failed to become the Desire of Nations in the Second Testament because even though he was of David’s line and a Messiah and Son, so entitled to be, because he was crucified and not anointed then he failed to become the Desire of Nations of the Holy Land. So in essence, the people in the Holy Land will need to subject themselves to the House of Israel under Christ when he returns to become the Desire of Nations or the Israelites will forever be condemned to be the enemies Christ’s below his feet as they were when he was put on the Cross after they called for his death against The Lord God’s wishes [Matthew 22:44]

The worshipping of Christ and man’s creations

Christ never asked people to worship him. If he had, his line would have been condemned like Solomon’s was. People who worship Christ above The Lord God will be condemned also. The Messiah and Son appointed by The Lord God is the rightful king of Israel – God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Lord God does not recognise of worldly creations – including the recognition of Israel as a earthly State. Whilst the Jews subject themselves to a person who is not not of David’s line then they will forever be the enemies below the feet of Christ, as they were when he was on the cross and they shall never inherit The Lord God’s Kingdom on earth.

The people who worship false idols rather than The Lord God, such as Christians, especially those who idolise Christ will be condemned. Those people, who also condemn the Palestinians whilst worshipping Christ instead of The Lord God, and idolising the State of Israel rather than The Lord God, will be condemned more severely.

The Evilness of the Jews

All those Jews filled with “every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity” who are “full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice,” such as for the Palestinians, yet they know God’s righteous decree that do to these things is wrong will be condemned to death [Romans 1:29].

It is impossible for Jews to make claim to the Holy Land while they are waging war. For the rightful King of Israel to be installed not a bone must be broken. On this basis, The Lord God will not recognise the State of Israel as the rightful heir to his Kingdom on earth, whilst it keeps breaking the bones of all his children.

Those Jews who rob Palestinian temples and those Christians who idolise Christ will be condemned [Romans 2:22]. Such persons will suffer the wrath of The Lord God [Romans 2:5] and each act of violence will be judged by The Lord God based on the harm it caused [Romans 2:6]. By these men doing shameful acts of violence against other men in God’s Kingdom, The Lord God will serve due penalty on them for their error [Romans 1:27]. Equally, those who worship the Israel State, a creation of Man, rather than God, the creator of Man, will be condemned [Romans 1:25].

Those who are Evil who don’t glorify the Lord God

Those Jews who know The Lord God, yet do not Glorify him but their earthly creation of the State of Israel will be sent into sexual impurity so that their direct line from Abraham will be condemned [Romans 1:24]. These Jews will be condemned by The Lord God before the Gentiles [Romans 2:9]. For defending the State of Israel rather than The Lord God, and for worshipping Christ above The Lord God, he shall condemn them to a shameful lust among themselves and the animals, including women, condemning their line [Romans 1:23;1:26]. Those Jews who call for the law to protect them from repression, yet become the repressors themselves shall be condemned [Romans 2:1-4;17-22]. All humans who do evil will be condemned, but the first shall be the Jews [Romans 2:9]. But those Jews who do good, showing peace and tolerance among all shall be rewarded first, but in equal terms to others who do the same [Romans 2:10-11].

King Solomon – King (of Kings?)

The First Testament states that those who descend from King David shall always be King of Israel (2 Samuel 7:12-16, 2 Chronicles 13:5, Psalm 89:20-37). These people descended from David’s line:

  • King Solomon (First Testament)
  • Jesus Christ (Second Testament)
  • Muhammed (Third Testament)

On this basis all of these people could be Kings of Israel, in a theological context. Lets take a look at some parts of the Bible about the line of King David. King David is quoted as saying in Psalm 110:1 and Matthew 22:44;

The Lord said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.”

I interpet ‘my Lord’ in this context to refer to the “son of David,” which in this case is King Solomon, the first son of David, chosen to be King by David himself (1 Kings 1:43-48). From King Solomon descended Christ and Muhammed who also have the right to the title ‘Lord’ on this basis as not only are they equal to God who is The Lord but they are of not only David’s line but King Solomon’s also.

1 Kings 2:44-45 says:

The king also said to Shimei, “You know in your heart all the wrong you did to my father David. Now the Lord will repay you for your wrongdoing. But King Solomon will be blessed, and David’s throne will remain secure before the Lord forever.”

This is why in a theological context I think King David referred to King Solomon as ‘my Lord’ as Solomon was his son and as King of Kings, Solomon was greater than King David himself.

1 Kings 1:49-51 says:

At this, all Adonijah’s guests rose in alarm and dispersed. But Adonijah, in fear of Solomon, went and took hold of the horns of the altar. Then Solomon was told, “Adonijah is afraid of King Solomon and is clinging to the horns of the altar. He says, ‘Let King Solomon swear to me today that he will not put his servant to death with the sword.’”

1 Kings 2 23:25 says:

Then King Solomon swore by the Lord: “May God deal with me, be it ever so severely, if Adonijah does not pay with his life for this request! 24 And now, as surely as the Lord lives—he who has established me securely on the throne of my father David and has founded a dynasty for me as he promised —Adonijah shall be put to death today!” So King Solomon gave orders to Benaiah son of Jehoiada, and he struck down Adonijah and he died.

I interpret these to mean that God (i.e. the Lord) put King Solomon to his right hand until the day David died when Adonijah was the enemy under Solomon’s feet, who was then put to death. This thus makes Solomon the Messiah of the First Testament, in a theological sense. The test for a Messiah is thus that they sit at the right hand of God (i.e. the Lord) until he puts enemies at their feet, which is when they are confirmed as Messiah:

  • In this case of King Solomon this was Adonijah, who refused to accept Solomon as King, whose death with the authority of God confirmed Solomon as Messiah and a Son (i.e. Mashiach ben David I).
  • In this case of Jesus Christ this was the disenting Jews below his Cross, whom called for his death, confirming him as Messiah and Son (i.e. Mashiach ben David II)
  • In the case of Muhammed this was the Hindus Idols worshippers, who made his feet bleed, plunging him into a depression, which led to his confirmation by God that he was Messiah and Son (Mashiach ben David III)

Unlike Christ and Muhammed, Solomon was also King. This makes him therefore the Desire of Nations. Equally, the person prophesied in Revelations will be of David’s line, and will be at the right-hand of the Lord until the day their enemies are below their feet when they will be confirmed by God (i.e. the Lord) as Messiah and Son (i.e. Mashiach ben David IV). If they manage to become King, they will also become Desire of Nations, a title lost by King Solomon, when he ceased to be King. Again, in a theological sense.

Israel’s Got Talent

I recently presented a solution to the constitutional issues that cause the Israel and Palestine conflict. I think there are a number of facts difficult to dispute:

  • Jews are still waiting for the Messiah prophesied in the First Testament;
  • Christians usually think that Jesus Christ was the Messiah;
  • Muslims usually think Christ was a Messiah and often that Mohammed was.

I currently think in a theological context that the Abrahamic texts like the Bible and Qu’ran has ‘Messiahs and Sons’ (i.e. Mashiach ben Davidwho have come in three chosen forms by The Lord (i.e. God):

  • In the First Testament, The Lord chose King Solomon as the first Messiah and Son from David’s line (i.e. Mashiach ben David I);
  • In the Second Testament, The Lord chose Jesus Christ as the second Messiah and Son from David’s line (i.e. Mashiach ben David II);
  • In the Third Testament, The Lord chose Mohammed as the third Messiah and Son from David’s line (i.e. Mashiach ben David III);
  • In a Fourth Testament, The Lord will chose a fourth Messiah and Son from David’s line (i.e. Mashiach ben David IV).

This above is my theological interpretation of the Abrahamic texts, which it is unlikely those stuck to the old ways of interpreting them will agree.  The titled of this blog, ‘Israel’s Got Talent’ is a reference to the idea of Reality TV choosing nominations for Eurovision, etc. so it might be that the selection of the first leader of a shared Israel/Palestine state as I describe could be televised. This elected King of Israel may become a Messiah and Son (i.e. Mashiach ben David) and as forecast in Revelations, Desire of Nations. Whether they are the first as Jews might think, the second as Christians or Muslims might think, or the fourth as I think theologically, there is no denying the fact that the Bible says who ever is King of Israel should be of David’s line.

Science and religion in my language – I have faith it is true

My faith is always evolving, just attending the interfaith café in Treforest this week has given me something further to thing about. My conclusion that we were either ‘created’ or ‘always existed’ now needs to go further – would it be necessary for another being to exist in order for us to be created?

My religion is hard to define. I am a confirmed Anglican and have Anglican values. I recognise all religious texts of having equal value. I have ‘faith’ that in the future scientists will have definitive proof about whether or not a deity exists, unlike today where they can’t. Also, my reading of the Bible is that King Solomon is the Desire of Nations because he should be honoured about all of the other kings, of which Christ and Muhammed should have been. So it is difficult to find an appropriate label!

I have decided, almost as a ‘Poe Troller’, to make up my own religion based on this, which parodies others’ religions. When they scoff at my made ‘religious beliefs’, I will ask them how their made up religion has any more legitimacy just because lots of people follow it!

Bishop’s Letter to the Giboff

The Giboff asked the following questions:
  • How do you define a religion as opposed a belief system?
Religion has the meaning usually given to it but belief includes religious and philosophical beliefs including lack of belief (e.g. Atheism). Generally, a belief should affect your life choices or the way you live  for it to be included in the definition. – Equality Act 2010
  • Is every decision discriminatory against someone, or potentially discriminatory?
There will always be discrimination of sorts some my be unlawful. For instance it is discrimination for a parent to allow 14-year-old child to go out of the house if they don’t a 13-year-old one, but it doesn’t mean it is illegal.
  • In order to make an alleged non-discriminatory decision discriminatory, what must the discriminated party prove?
For me it is prejudice. If a premise in a claim is based on  prejudiced point of view then
  • Do you live with your parents?

Define “live”

  • Are they religious, or do they believe that you are akin to King Soloman?

My Father is an Atheist. My mother is a Spiritualist. We tolerate one another’s religious convictions.

  • Are your siblings part of your church?
  • Have you ever had sex with man or beast – I believe this is fundamental to understanding the emotional needs of others?
I recently demonstrated my solution to Solomon’s idolatory activities towards that drove him to Sin, by making her more important to him and thus God:
Jesus says that if one so as looks at another woman lustfully that you have already committed sin against her in your eyes so you should seek to gouge your eyes out.
On this basis, because I have a strong attraction torwards women then it would be impossible not to Sin, so the only solutions are:
1. Have a permanent commitment-based relationship with a man (I have in the past loved a man as much as a woman)
2. Have many close friendships with women as Solomon did
3. More important is to put myself and my education first, so neither are more important than me and thus none more important than God.
  • Have the people of Treforest seen your views on abortion?
I would hope so, but the definitely have my policies on allowing the sun tanning shop to provide ‘fake shags’ and well as ‘fake tans’!
  • Where do you drink? I drink in the Bush in Llantwit Fardre, surprised not to have heard of you before recently, I know most local polymaths, i’m one myself, the only one I thought, I have a club, its just me at the moment, you are welcome to join, fee of 50p, you get a badge.
It was a nice offer, but I’m sure you’ll understand the only clubs I want to be a member of is those who don’t want me as a member :o)
  1. Any chance of showing us the equation for gender calculations, I think i’m 50/50, but would like to see (I like Elton John)
Yes. If you go to and take the test. You will see your EQ in relation to the average man and woman and your SQ in relation to the average man and woman.
You then need to make a value judgement. Mine was that as women are higher on that that will be my ‘FemQ’. And the same for men, their SQ score will be used for my MaleQ.
So I divided 100 by the average Male SQ and them multiplied it by my SQ to get ey MaleQ
I then divided 100 by the average Female EQ and then multiplied it by my EQ to get my FemQ
These then gave me  ratio – FemQ:MaleQ
To get the percent, you add the FemQ and MaleQ together to get the MFQ. And then you divide the FemQ by this MFQ and multiply it by 100.  That will say how female you are. Then you minus that from 100 to see how male you are.
  • Explain your conception of God, what are his boundaries, and then explain how Solomon could have been anything close to this conception.

God as I define as “all knowledge that is possible to know but is not yet known”.  And on this basis:

In the beginning God create the Heavens and the Earth – In the beginning he did, because Stephen Hawking wasn’t around then.

God separated the light from the dark, he called the dark night and the light day – he did, unless/until we know who was the first human to actually observe that fact.

God knows all what we don’t know. But a philosophical question is, if we know more than what Adam and Eve knew when they committed ‘Original sin,’ then is God getting small the closer we get to him, or is her getting bigger, that is because of even all what we know there is more to know which even God didn’t once know?

My Christmas Day Truth on Jesus Christ – The Pretended Saviour of the Universe

When one reads religious writings, such as the Abrahamic Texts, in my view they should be treated no differently to any other works. One can analyse or parody Shakespeare, and I wish to do the same with religious texts and religion.

For me it is clear in religious terms that Christ was a prophet – the second Messiah and Son  possibly. He was from the line of King David (who was the first Messiah), which King Solomon (the Second Messiah and first Son), which Mohammed (the Third Messiah and Son) also was. Christ made claims about the origin, nature and future of the planet.

In my self-determined faith/religion I am making up, best called ‘Non Conformist‘ – I have decided to also regard Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking to be prophets like Moses was, but not Messiahs. They made claims which on the basis of current science at the time they made them they were not entirely provable.

In is my view that Christ was not ‘crucified’. I personally think he did a deal with Pontius Pilate to pacify the Jews. Pilate said that Christ had committed no crime, and that he’d ‘wash his hands’ with the Jews.

So, reading the Gospels, there was this part where Doubting Thomas trues to prove Christ has ‘resurrected’ by putting his fingers though his hands. Thomas put his fingers through the centre of Christ’s hands and not his wrists, which proves to me Christ was not crucified the same as the others. Also, it is claimed that Christ spent 40 days in the desert, yet he only lasted a couple of hours on the Cross, so I find it unconvincing from a consistency point of view also.

It is known that the Roman’s ‘auctioned off’ all of Christ’s property between themselves. I think the purpose of this was so that when Christ was meant to have taken part in ‘assentation’, he was propertyless and therefore meek, like all those he said would inherit the earth. If he had not been ‘meek’ when he was ascended into heaven then he would have been a hypocrite.

Now turning to Paul and his conversion from Saul. I think it was Saul who wrote many of the unsigned  letters to the Romans and in fact Paul was a pseudonym used by Christ in the various letters he dictated to others following crucifixion. Christ had to dictate these letters because as he had holes in his hands and couldn’t write from his plams being nailed to the Cross and so Saul and others acted as a reasonable adjustment for him in continuing his good news message. Saul was not the only transcriber in my view, as one can see from Romans 16:22 another person, “Tertius”, transcribed that letter in place of Saul.

My interpretation of Romans 1 and 2 will be controversial from some, but reading them was essential to the inner-peace I find in myself today. In Romans 1, Paul has a complete condemnation on homosexuality, and in Romans 2 he defends it, saying those who condemn homosexuality will become homosexual themselves. I think this was based on Christ’s personal experiences working with Saul.

When I started having thoughts and feelings towards men, I found it completely disturbing. I thought I was becoming gay, and would therefore no longer be attracted to women, whose ‘assets’ I hold dear as desirable adornments to them, especially those which have been Photoshopped in ‘lad-mags’, but for which Photoshopping was not necessary in my first love!

So I became homophobic towards myself, but not towards other homosexuals in the way I treated them. In fact, while I was coming to terms with these experiences, I recruited the first two openly gay members to the Treforest Labour Party, and designed the discussion programme around things I thought they would be interested in, so that they felt more included and willing to participate.

My auto-homophobia didn’t reduce the thoughts they made them more powerful. And then I would have no control over them coming into my mind at times I would not want them. I have now accepted these thoughts.

So it could be that the reason Christ wrote Romans 1, was because he was having thoughts that he didn’t want towards Saul, who he became close to, and this was his way to deal with it. So although his auto-homophobia his thoughts then increased so that he became orientated towards men, which led to him writing Romans 2, where he said condemning homosexuality will make one homosexual also.

So as you can see, I don’t think Christ had any supernatural powers. I am not willing to believe in anything supernatural until the day science can fully explain it so it can become natural. I think Christ was a very advanced psychiatrist of his days. None of his miracles including making those whose legs were amputated grow again. Most of the people he helped had neurological problems that were acute and treatable. Though talking to people at length and knowing which parts of the mind to manipulate he acted like a placebo, giving people a sense of confidence and home they had overcome their problems. Nothing is said in the Abrahamic Texts about whether Christ’s interventions actually had any long-term efficacy. And so called miracles like ‘walking on water’ were actually misinterpretation of the Abrahamic Texts, as in this case it was simply a case of when Chris’s boat approached the seashore that he walked on the wet sands, or something like that so I’m told by a Christian Minister.

I’m convinced that Christianity was created not by Christ, but by the Romans. Many stories in the New Testament have been shown to relate to local folk-law, like the rolling back of the stone to Christ’s resting place. So the Muslims may be right that Christ was not actually crucified, nor may he have ascended into heaven. By being of David’s line, however, he could have be a Son, and also Messiah.