Science and religion in my language – I have faith it is true

My faith is always evolving, just attending the interfaith café in Treforest this week has given me something further to thing about. My conclusion that we were either ‘created’ or ‘always existed’ now needs to go further – would it be necessary for another being to exist in order for us to be created?

My religion is hard to define. I am a confirmed Anglican and have Anglican values. I recognise all religious texts of having equal value. I have ‘faith’ that in the future scientists will have definitive proof about whether or not a deity exists, unlike today where they can’t. Also, my reading of the Bible is that King Solomon is the Desire of Nations because he should be honoured about all of the other kings, of which Christ and Muhammed should have been. So it is difficult to find an appropriate label!

I have decided, almost as a ‘Poe Troller’, to make up my own religion based on this, which parodies others’ religions. When they scoff at my made ‘religious beliefs’, I will ask them how their made up religion has any more legitimacy just because lots of people follow it!

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  1. I congratulate you for realizing that the messiah of the Bible is King Solomon. Yes!!! Solomon is Shiloh in short. Shiloh is also the name for the messiah. Solomon is also the real Mahammad real prophet of Quran. Meccan Muhammad is only a copy of the real Mahammad King Solomon.

    Remember Song of songs in the Old Testament attributes Solomon to be Machammad. And reading of an Arabic “muhammed” of M-H-M-D is also lacking. Listen the real reading of MHMD is “mah amad”. “mah” means in the middle east moslem languages, whose people are warned by Qoran, “time”, “light” and in Kurdish ” a lamb”… “A LAMB!!!” and amed is the original name of the promised land.

    Kurds still call the area Amed. So Mah Amed makes a time, light and lamb of Amed, thats the promised land. Remember “Messiah” and “Shiloh” is also meaning the time, light and light of Amed. So King Solomon, the Machammaddim in the sog of songs, is the Messiah. Jesus Christ of the New Testament, Shiloh of the Old Bible, and Real Mahammed (Mahdi) of Qoran.

    I again congradulate you that such a young man, overcoming all conventional asslings, to realize this fact.

    Meccan Muhammad stole or were replaced of the person of real machammaddim messiah mahdi King Solomon.

    Do not hesitate to correspond with me. I ll tell you all the story.

    muzaffer katar


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