Bishop’s Letter to the Giboff

The Giboff asked the following questions:
  • How do you define a religion as opposed a belief system?
Religion has the meaning usually given to it but belief includes religious and philosophical beliefs including lack of belief (e.g. Atheism). Generally, a belief should affect your life choices or the way you live  for it to be included in the definition. – Equality Act 2010
  • Is every decision discriminatory against someone, or potentially discriminatory?
There will always be discrimination of sorts some my be unlawful. For instance it is discrimination for a parent to allow 14-year-old child to go out of the house if they don’t a 13-year-old one, but it doesn’t mean it is illegal.
  • In order to make an alleged non-discriminatory decision discriminatory, what must the discriminated party prove?
For me it is prejudice. If a premise in a claim is based on  prejudiced point of view then
  • Do you live with your parents?

Define “live”

  • Are they religious, or do they believe that you are akin to King Soloman?

My Father is an Atheist. My mother is a Spiritualist. We tolerate one another’s religious convictions.

  • Are your siblings part of your church?
  • Have you ever had sex with man or beast – I believe this is fundamental to understanding the emotional needs of others?
I recently demonstrated my solution to Solomon’s idolatory activities towards that drove him to Sin, by making her more important to him and thus God:
Jesus says that if one so as looks at another woman lustfully that you have already committed sin against her in your eyes so you should seek to gouge your eyes out.
On this basis, because I have a strong attraction torwards women then it would be impossible not to Sin, so the only solutions are:
1. Have a permanent commitment-based relationship with a man (I have in the past loved a man as much as a woman)
2. Have many close friendships with women as Solomon did
3. More important is to put myself and my education first, so neither are more important than me and thus none more important than God.
  • Have the people of Treforest seen your views on abortion?
I would hope so, but the definitely have my policies on allowing the sun tanning shop to provide ‘fake shags’ and well as ‘fake tans’!
  • Where do you drink? I drink in the Bush in Llantwit Fardre, surprised not to have heard of you before recently, I know most local polymaths, i’m one myself, the only one I thought, I have a club, its just me at the moment, you are welcome to join, fee of 50p, you get a badge.
It was a nice offer, but I’m sure you’ll understand the only clubs I want to be a member of is those who don’t want me as a member :o)
  1. Any chance of showing us the equation for gender calculations, I think i’m 50/50, but would like to see (I like Elton John)
Yes. If you go to and take the test. You will see your EQ in relation to the average man and woman and your SQ in relation to the average man and woman.
You then need to make a value judgement. Mine was that as women are higher on that that will be my ‘FemQ’. And the same for men, their SQ score will be used for my MaleQ.
So I divided 100 by the average Male SQ and them multiplied it by my SQ to get ey MaleQ
I then divided 100 by the average Female EQ and then multiplied it by my EQ to get my FemQ
These then gave me  ratio – FemQ:MaleQ
To get the percent, you add the FemQ and MaleQ together to get the MFQ. And then you divide the FemQ by this MFQ and multiply it by 100.  That will say how female you are. Then you minus that from 100 to see how male you are.
  • Explain your conception of God, what are his boundaries, and then explain how Solomon could have been anything close to this conception.

God as I define as “all knowledge that is possible to know but is not yet known”.  And on this basis:

In the beginning God create the Heavens and the Earth – In the beginning he did, because Stephen Hawking wasn’t around then.

God separated the light from the dark, he called the dark night and the light day – he did, unless/until we know who was the first human to actually observe that fact.

God knows all what we don’t know. But a philosophical question is, if we know more than what Adam and Eve knew when they committed ‘Original sin,’ then is God getting small the closer we get to him, or is her getting bigger, that is because of even all what we know there is more to know which even God didn’t once know?

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