The Holy Trinity and the Desire of Nations

In the Holy Trinity of Christianity there is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are God, Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Many Christians believe all three are equal. But I would say that to believe this would be to break the ten commandments as there should be no god (including Christ) above The Lord (i.e. God/Allah).

Equally, I don’t think that Jesus Christ is the only Son. There is at least two others in my point of view – Solomon and Muhammad. In the three Abrahamic texts (i.e. Bible and Qu’ran) references to “your Lord” and “my Lord” refer to one of The Lord’s Sons.cThe Son could be many people eligible from David’s line. So when “The Lord says unto my Lord” – my Lord is the Son and The Lord is God/Allah.

I has been argued that the problems in Israel and Palestine were caused when the Israelites would not accept Solomon’s son as King. This may be considered correct because Solomon’s line was condemned for him worshipping other gods, the First Testament says. But the situation that exists in that region now – where the leaders are not of David’s line – does not in any way represent the ideal in the Abrahamic texts.

Theologically I think that Christ will come through the body of someone from David’s line – but one which is not from Solomon’s line. Because of the various parts of human nature, The Lord will have to keep the Holy Spirit turning a Son into a Messiah and Son until the point the whole world recognises them as the Desire of Nations by being Messiah, Son and King. So far, Christ and Muhammed have failed. It would not have been necessary for them to have called by The Lord (God/Allah) if Solomon had not worshipped other gods and brought The Lord’s Kingdom on Earth into disrepute. Solomon was once the Desire of Nations, but failed at the job!

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