SallyAnn Wakeford not the first

I read an article on the Daily Mail website claiming that a researcher, SallyAnn Wakeford, is the first person to make a link between epilepsy and autistic traits. SallyAnn Wakeford is not very novel in this finding. .

In 2011 I presented a poster to a conference in Wrexham on the EEG patterns.  SallyAnn Wakeford is not saying anything that I did not know. So the article in the Daily Mail saying SallyAnn Wakeford is the first to make the link is flawed.

By 2012 I had a paper published in conference proceedings that provided a basis for calculating how the changes in dopamine and serotonin can effect EEG patterns and a system for helping vary these to avoid undesirable EEG activity.

I hope SallyAnn Wakeford will be acknowledging my contribution in any future work. I am attending a conference in London this weekend presenting the latest research I have done using this. If SallyAnn Wakeford is attending she can speak to me about my prior art, which includes a patent registered in 2010 which clearly shows the links between EEG, affect and behaviour change.