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I read an article on the Daily Mail website claiming that a researcher, SallyAnn Wakeford, is the first person to make a link between epilepsy and autistic traits. SallyAnn Wakeford is not very novel in this finding. .

In 2011 I presented a poster to a conference in Wrexham on the EEG patterns.  SallyAnn Wakeford is not saying anything that I did not know. So the article in the Daily Mail saying SallyAnn Wakeford is the first to make the link is flawed.

By 2012 I had a paper published in conference proceedings that provided a basis for calculating how the changes in dopamine and serotonin can effect EEG patterns and a system for helping vary these to avoid undesirable EEG activity.

I hope SallyAnn Wakeford will be acknowledging my contribution in any future work. I am attending a conference in London this weekend presenting the latest research I have done using this. If SallyAnn Wakeford is attending she can speak to me about my prior art, which includes a patent registered in 2010 which clearly shows the links between EEG, affect and behaviour change.

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  1. I agree. I have complex partial seizure disorder and during seizures i am the equivalent in every way to someone in the middle of the spectrum. I have an asperger husband and an autistic son that i coach because i understand them and their issues 100%. the catch with me is I recall EVERYTHING about how my brain functions and how it works and get around it during seizures. Identical to autism. This is how I met my husband. I seen the link in 2004 and offered to show him techniques i use to better himself and “blend in” Together we had a son on the middle of the spectrum and we imply all the same approaches (which defy doctors and education) into our son. He has progressed beyond the expected abilities.

  2. Oh and one more thing….I had the same theory. During my seizures though I an on the middle of the spectrum and non verbal. I actually did experiment and the results were inconclusive. BUT I also know this is not 100% effective. I have had seizures at my worst and still shown up clear. However autism is identical to the beginning and ending of the seizure where your brain is still at rest, not the climax. I have already already had my non-verbal middle of the spectrum son get an eeg (anyone with this level of epilepsy will see link especially if involved in autism). Who cares about the inaccurate eegs. If anything my sons being cleaned gave more credit to his not being epileptic. We then began to treat him with epileptic meds and epileptic approaches and his autism completely changed for the better. There are more important factor the connection proves and needs to be pushed forward. The eeg is just the tip of the ice burgh and all I used it for is proving he didnt have epilepsy to confirm my treatment method originally used on epilepsy would benefit autistics, even improve speech in non verbal children. Not only did i do this i can explain how and why it works.

    I had complex partial seizure disorder in my left frontal lobe since I was 4 yrs old. My EEG showed nothing until I was 12 so I had to spend 8 years of my life untreated.

    My last eeg was in 2006 and it was clean also even though I have a 20+ history of epilepsy. I have to be IN a seizure for the information to show. My doctors and I here in the US have been looking for another epileptic that sees the connection in autism and epilepsy based on experience and can prove it.

    Having a clear eeg does not mean nothing is wrong or that there is no epileptic activity. The spectrums for epilepsy and autism are very broad. There are people out there thats eeg wont expose this information. I dont disagree with you at all about link. I think that you are 100% right. The problem is your approach for proof is not flawless and has many holes. And just because it can work for some autistics/epileptics it will not work for all. I wish it were that simple and cut and dry. But an EEG is not reliable enough source to be used to categorize and benefit everyone on the spectrums into 2 categories. The 2 conditions are identical and mirror images and flaws of each other. We need something more concrete that will consistently prove results in every case, ever test, across the board.

    And doing these experiments with the prospective to prove epilepsy and autism are the same. like i said 100% agree, since it is VERY common in medicine to have BOTH autism and epilepsy. if your results are not 100% accurate and the same how would you prove that the few autistic thats eegs are the same as epileptics are NOT epileptic them self. If an eeg is the first step to proving epilepsy, and autism is same result how can you tell an autistic without epilepsy to an autistic WITH epilepsy (which is more than common)Like I said I thought the same theory, it sounded good on paper but as me and the researchers got into it realized it canceled itself out. I know there is another way to prove it effectively no questions asked. This is not it.

    1. I have both epilepsy and autism. From recent EEG scans I have done on myself it would seem that pre-seizure the EEG looks like what one would expect in someone with a psychiatric condition, and afterwards the sub-optimisation of the prefrontal cortex looks different from anyone else. My current view on the basis of such EEG scans is that people with autism have as normal EEG as anyone else, and there is only an absence of normality when put in challenging situations where the skills to cope with them are not in the autistic person’s inventory. It is thus my view that people can shift from being autistic to empathic to psychotic to neurotic depending on the situation it is. The fact that many autistic people choose academic research and many empathic choose academic teaching might explain why being autistic is dominant in those diagnosed with autism, as they choose environments that make the best of being autistic. I always argue – I never have autism when I’m on my own! I only have autism when I’m around people who lack a theory of the autistic mind, such as those with empathism. I have thus set up the Empathism Research Centre in the same way there is a Autism Research Centre.

      1. I must say though it is refreshing to hear there is someone else out there that has these experiences. I only have autism while in the beginning and end of my seizures. I refer to it as having three stages. The beginning I suddenly cannot speak but can comprehend. My anxiety heightens when I seize around people which makes seizure more strenuous and last longer. If i struggle I can break through and struggle to communicate. Once it peaks I lose the ability for a moment, and then as I come out of seizure which takes a few moments I have the same abilities and behavior had in beginning until brain slowly returns to normal. Because I can understand and TRY to communicate, I flap my arms, try to force out words and its all jargins. I can however after its all over recite everything back word for word, play by play. What I did vs what I meant. What was said to me and what I meant to say to them. etc etc. I noticed my husband had same similar when met in 2004. I met his family and knew our son would be on the middle of the spectrum while 4 months pregnant. Both were diagnosed at the same time. My husband after 10 yrs of hard work is no longer able to be diagnosed. Im focusing on my sons ability to talk. Using epileptic medicine he is starting too but I find his brain cannot handle too much too soon. He talked like a canary over school break, but now that he is doing it in school he mentally needs breaks.
        Like you said, the anxiety of speaking too much, having too many people, too many questions thrown at me by my 5 year old even will send me into a seizure.
        I can also explain why I behave the way I do. What my intentions are in my behavior. messages I am trying to pass and why I think the behavior will explain it. All mirroring the behavioral and educational issues people are trying to comprehend about autistic children. I learned early how easy my son was from my perspective to understand. Ive gotten into issues because doctors and schools disagree with me because here in the US the idea is unheard of and the educational approach needed for my son clashes with views of autism used in out special educational system here in NY, USA. Im working on changing that too.
        WHAT IF….though visibly autism may seem more severe. What if seizures actually are (even partial)? What I notice in both of us, is the same issues that can trigger the seizure activity is what strongest point of seizure activity. What if autism is a more mild phase of these complication, and instead of becoming autistic during a seizure, you reach epilepsy due to intensification of autistic trait. This would also explain the flaw with eegs. Its uncommon for an autistic to show on eeg, but maybe this is why. The neurological issue actually isnt strong enough for a reading. As said, its not that its NOT there…it just cant be picked up.

        1. My previous epilepsy consultant said I had the typical “temporal lobe” personality, but would not accept I had autism saying it was just a personality type – they are probably the same thing! In the case of autism being a personality I now agree with him. It might be that right temporal lobe epilepsy, which when a seizure puts a significant load on the prefrontal cortex which causes the symptoms of autism that people with more cells in the prefrontal cortex or trauma inhibiting its function have on a prolonged basis? It could be that some people with ‘more severe’ autism could be affected by more than one form of impairment of the prefrontal cortex – which I say causes serotonergic-dopaminergic asynchronicity (SDA) and argue that nearly all so-called psychiatric conditions in DSM-V can be put down to.

          1. ABSOLUTELY I TOTALLY AGREE! When I was 4 I had water on the brain due to encephalitis. They almost had to drill my skull to relieve pressure but it miraculous went away. My condition is the results. I’m a product of the damage that was done. Its crazy how many doctors dont understand or cannot see it from this perspective. This is why after learning some tricks I offered to help my husband. What hurts as a mom is having this inside information and trying to help my son while everyone does the exact opposite because they feel their approaches and methods are better. They want him to have more help but I tell them I want it to be from someone with aspergers. they look at me like Im crazy because that is a disaster waiting to happen. How can someone with aspergers help my son on the middle of the spectrum? That would put him in harms way! NO! That is the only people who can truly understand my son and benefit him in my opinion. Ive had child protection called on me because people dont understand the madness behind my method but I stand by what I know and what my son needs. The US is much further behind the realization. Right now Im trying to get them to accept how and why anti psychotics work for this. I have doctors that trust me, but problem is over here I have to PROVE they will make money and profit to go further. To me this is basic and standard. If people do not understand even this I have HIGH hill to climb.

            I believe strongly the only people that can truly help autistic “understand” and “learn” the most productively is another person on the spectrum. The way I put it over here for people to best understand is, that us having autism and going to school where everyone admits of having no true knowledge of autism is like sending someone to a french teacher that speaks no other language to learn Spanish.

          2. In the future, maybe when my research is fully developed, I’m confident there will be wealthy parents who will choose for their children to be autistic, put them through private school and university, and then switch them to being empathic to put it into action. If one’s child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder using the DSM-V criteria (as opposed to intellectual development disorder under DSM-V that covers so-called ‘severe autism’ now) then one should be grateful. Even if one’s child isn’t picked for the school team then, with the right support, like me they could go on to be among the top university graduates, while those people who wouldn’t be their friends end up will little more in life than they left school with. Being able to think with an autistic theory of mind in education and other structured environments is an advantage. Having empathism – where one has good social skills, but few real friends or strong relationships – is more of a disability in my view.

  3. Finding your page and knowing there is “more of us” lets me know one day it WILL be done. I have no doubt. You can only deny the truth for so long whether it is main stream or not. And yet again I agree. These are the first conversations (even with doctors that agree with me) I have ever hand where I don’t feel obligated to filter the truth and I thank you for it.

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