You could get shot for wearing that thing

I sometimes find it very difficult to adapt to different weather conditions.  To cope with this, I usually wear a light jacket all year round. Some might say this is “autistic.”

Last year the blogosphere was alive with rumour that Jean Charles de Menezes was in fact autistic because he was wearing a heavy jacket in summer and the police shot him because they thought under his jacket was a bomb.

This week I went to a community meeting in Treforest, and so I looked like everyone else I took my jacket off.

What a mistake this was – I had to leave the
meeting early to go to another meeting that would finish late and only realised that I had forgot my jacket when I went outside of the second meeting and it was cold.

Thankfully a Treforest community councillor realised it was my jacket and kept it for me and I picked it up the following day.

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