Jenny Gill – Disability: Compulsive Mal-Didactic Syndrome

If someone logs-on to an Internet forum and asks for advice what do you expect would happen? If you were as expert as Jenny Preece you’d know that people would relay personal experiences. But if instead your name was Jenny Gill you’d think that instead you must answer the question directly as asked and you would not be allowed to apply any reasoning techniques about what might lie behind the question you must answer it as literally as asked.

As Jenny works in administration at a social care organization you might not expect her to have the training that social workers and nurses have in order to look at the underlying issues, but to accuse others of asserting their experiences onto others by asserting her value system on to the person she is claiming shouldn’t be asserting is a bit hypocritical to say the least.

On the Mensa Forum recently, a schoolboy called Joshua asked for advice on what books he should read to get onto an astrophysics degree at a “Russell Group University”. My first suggestion was on a book about how to get through clearing! Even my sister, who got a degree with a first and a Phd from a Russell Group university had to go through clearing, but to Jenny this was dashing Josha’s hopes! Personally I like to deal with reality, and if one wants to get into the top universities one should expect a lot of others do also and it will be very competitive so it may not happen as you want. I can remember when first applying being disgusted that Cheltenham and Gloucester College turned me down! Are you kidding I thought at the time – their halls of residence didn’t even have mains sockets!

Jenny thought I was out of order for saying that Russell Group universities don’t usually mind what you have done or read before you get there as they will have their own way of doing things and you will have to accept it to get the best out of the education. But seeing as two of the people who currently work for me have either studied at or taught at Russell Group universities and both have told me this is the case, then who does Jennifer Gill think she is? She should stick to eating Yorkshire Puddings because it is better for her to feel full with those than be full of herself when she is so inaccurate. She should keep her Compulsive Mal-Didactic Syndrome (persistent moralistic unwelcomed interventions) to herself.


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