Privacy and God’s law

The privacy of children who do not know the consequence of their actions and those whom they may trust is sacrament. It was not until Adam and Eve started human’s evolutionary journey towards knowing as much as God through eating the forbidden fruit that they realised the consequences of their actions [Genesis 3:7]. This loss of innocence due to the deception of the serpent should not be repeated. Anyone who so denies a child of their innocence will need to ask for the forgiveness of Christ on the Day of Judgment.

Revelation says that on Judgment Day the forces of evil will be embodied in one man who shall go by the number of 666 [Revelation 13:18]. Therefore it is forbidden to number humans as if they were unsacred cows and by providing means to reveal their identity through the use of an identifying serial number in place of their real name, except on Judgment Day.

The privacy of public figures should be protected so as to protect those who worship them as idols against God’s law [Exodus 34:17], whom are not able to protect themselves from exploitation.

People should never forget that God is all seeing. Until the day that science has advanced to the stage that humans know as much as God then they shall use available scientific knowledge to ensure fellow humans know they are being watched over and protected.

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