How the education authorities terrorised me like the State of Isreal does Palestines

I used to have unfavourable attitudes to the Muslims, but then then I went to university with some and found out they are just like anyone else. This did not make me think the so-called extremists were right in their actions, but I have first hand anecdotal evidence of what was going on.

What turned me to realise the Muslims were not brainwashed fundamentalists was when I read the letter from Osama Bin Laden to America. I knew then it was the US support for Israel’s suppression of the Palestinians that made the 9/11 attacks the only option they could conceive.

Since 2011 I have gone through similar emotional states to the Palestinians. For some reason those with power, such as Steve Evans and Andrew Symes at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, are doing their best from my perspective to screw up my education at the most important stage – doctoral.

Steve Evans and Andrew Symes from RCT  are withdrawing support I have had for years, such as computer software for my home study area that I need for my studies, and which was recommended by and independent assessor they sent me to see. Steve Evans and Andrew Symes from the LEA have been trying to change the people I work with and have build up trust and rapport with. Parts of the Assessment I had say my computer equipment should be renewed regularly, and because it is expensive they are saying it is not suited to my needs, when it was recommended by a tutor at a previous university who I went through a lengthy process with to pick it.

I have been made to feel like there is no way out, and suicidal because of this. UWIC is the only University in the world offering the Doctor of Information Systems degree, which I want,and  Steve Evans and Andrew Symes from RCT Student Support know this and the fact I cannot easily move out of the borough. I have already completed the first two thirds of the course but I have had to suspend the final year due to the way I am not getting my support needs met.

In the same way the Palestinians have been forced from their homeland by the US-backed terror regime by Israel, I feel I might have to do the same. I am currently dealing with a university in London about putting a PhD application together so I only need to complete one year of study. This should hopefully mean I get my goal of getting my doctorate before I’m 35. I guess like the Palestinians dream of getting their homeland back, I can work towards getting the DInfoSys at UWIC without being hindered by Steve Evans or Andrew Symes from Rhondda Cynon Taf Student Awards section, but I think if I were to move to London then I could escape the terror from Steve Evans and Andrew Symes  for the time being, and get my life goal of a doctorate.

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    1. Well the amount of work I’m doing at the moment is equivalent to three doctorates. I am outputting more research papers in one month than most PhDs do during the whole of their enrolment. I am currently talking to a university who I hope will, as part of the enrolment period, help advance my R&D rather than letting the time go to waste just writing up. The university in question might provide me with a supervisor who specialises in natural language querying which will help me with one of my products at Jonathan Bishop Limited. The other supervisor they are suggesting is revising a book on statistics, and might be able to help me develop a statistics app Jonathan Bishop Limited holds the IP to.

    1. If one thinks its my life goal to get a doctorate, then little things like having a better ranking as an academic than most PhDs is something to remind myself of while I sort the paperwork out to register for the exam.

  1. Comparing your experience of being told you can’t get a doctorate is not the same as having your family’s land taken by force. Your every attempt to score ‘good guy’ points makes you seem like more of an a*****e every time.

  2. You reel oppressed, just like the Palistinians because you don’t have the newest computer hardware that someone said you needed? You feel suicidal.. because you can’t get a doctorate because people just aren’t bending over backward enough for you??

    A REAL ‘polymath’ would overcome obstacles and get the job done, instead of whining about how downtrodden they are on the internet. A REAL genius would have accomplished something of note. You’re just privileged, whinging on the internet and bragging about how many times you’ve cited yourself in your own articles.

    Keep ‘pushing the boundaries’ of ‘trolling research’!

  3. Wow, as the MP on the other page states, your inflated sense of self importance is insane.

    ALSO insane, however, is how your privileged pursuit of education is comparable to a group of people continually threatened with death and genocide. Pastenians are hated because they are, simply, palestinians, and with no other good reason. Your writings are ridiculous even by 1995 standards – e.g. your genre theory of trolling, which smacks of a 1980’s infatuation with categorizing everything for no reason other than categorizing.

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