What is the purpose of the bureauclass?

In any failed political system are what I call the ‘bureauclass’. These are people whose job it is to get in the way of people who are doing proper jobs.

I came across one today at my local take away. They were an official from the local authority asking why the shopkeeper had not post a poster up which displayed some information that the law said they must. Why are we the tax payers paying for people to go around inspecting whether businesses are displaying posters or not? The Bureauclasses are getting their lifestyles subsided by the businesses who are paying the corporation tax so they can have a job that serves no real purpose!

These bureauclass workers in the public sector are getting good pensions and unnecessarily high wages though union negotiations when they produce nothing but paperwork. Printed matter can’t be so essential to our GDP than we need the bureauclass to exist to fund it?

1 thought on “What is the purpose of the bureauclass?”

  1. Exactly. This nannying attitude of spending money enforcing bureaucracy or paying hand over fist for everyone to have equal access to everything must stop.

    We must do our best to save taxpayers money to clear our deficit, not spending money on frivolous doctoral degrees taken by people more enamoured with the title than the subject who are perfectly capable of attending the site like all other candidates

    That is all. Again we find ourselves agreeing.

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