How to deal with homophobes who misuse the Bible

Homophobes using the Bible usually quote two passages to support their homophobia:

  • Romans 1 – Where Paul damns homosexuality
  • Leviticus 18:22 – Where laying with a man as a woman is an “abomination”

Romans 1 is easiest to refute. Have a read of Romans 2. If you read it the way I do, then those persons who condemn homosexuals will be condemned themselves. Maybe homophobics are actually insecure in their own sexuality, and they are in denial so therefore attack others. If they hate homosexuals so much, then maybe it is not long after they become them themselves. Maybe something changed in Paul between writing Romans 1 and then Romans 2?

Leviticus 18:22 can be refuted a couple of ways. The first being that if one is bisexual, then so long as one has intimate relations with one’s male partner differently to the way one does with one’s female partner then one complies with that literally. The other is, if a man or woman is 100% attracted to the same sex and not the opposite sex then this is fine also for the reason that because they would never lay with the opposite sex then it is impossible to lay with them the same as one’s same sex partner because one never would!

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