Zionist Imitation Syndrome – The Disease of the UK Establishment

The Zionists who rule the Israeli Government, in many cases against the wishes of the law abiding Jewish inhabitants of the region, are terrorising the Palestinians. One might think of this terror purely in terms of physical violence, but that is not the worst form of terror.

It is a tradition of Zionists to get satisfaction out of suppressing people – Stopping them enjoying their rights in such a way they feel ultimate despair because they know they are being treated unlawfully, but there is nothing they can do about it. Does this sound familiar? Some of you might be thinking of what the Nazis did to law abiding Jews in the concentration camps, but I’m thinking much closer to home.

The UK Government breaks EU social security and other Council of Europe and European Union Laws every day. Here are the ones they break in my life, which sometimes make me feel a despair like the Palestinians are feeling. Some may think this unlikely, but people who are as principled as me find it that much more overwhelming – we don’t break the law, we know others do, but one should not expect the government to – but they do.

The government are preventing me submitting documentation to them with electronic signatures of any kind. You might not think this a big deal, but when you consider nearly everything I do is online, and I have a disability which makes handling paperwork difficult, so much so that I have to scan in each letter I receive to read it properly, then it is at least inconvenient. But when like me you know the government are breaking the law by not letting me sign documents electronically, and you have the principles I do, then you feel the same despair when our government is breaking the law (Section 7 of the The Electronic Communications Act 2000), as the Palestinians do with the Zionists running Israel breaking the law.

The whole thing got on top of me yesterday when I received back from the government, a claim form that I sent over a month ago, which was for money I needed to pay my staff. The reason they sent it back to me was because they had moved office, even though I sent it to the one on the form and they had received it at that office. The anger that then enraged inside of me that it was sent back to me, had been building up for weeks, as each day of running my business, I have had more and more bureaucracy from the government, which is created mainly by civil servants lack of initiative than my error. Anyone who has worked for me who lacks initiative knows they’d be out on their ears, and many have been. Some of these now work for the government, so I guess I should take some of the blame for an inept public sector.

Why on earth did they not send my form onto to the new office when they would have received it a month ago? Why on earth did it take a month for them to decide to send it to me? I cannot do anything about it. The times I got a solicitor to send them a 7-day notice because they refused to pay it, I didn’t even get a reply, and then I eventually had to cave in because of low cashflow.

It fills me with such rage that the government are breaking the law every day and getting away with it, yet when a benefit claimant breaks welfare law, like the government are breaking the law in relation to my claims, those people are brought to book and face the full force of the law. It is not fair. We have no legal aid to take them on, like I was able to when I was 14. Living in the UK, and I am not being flippant when I say this, is like living in a concentration camp, one with more humans rights abuses per capital than the victims of Israelite suppression in Palestine.

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