Good friends I’ve lost

There are around 7 billion people in this world, if one person doesn’t want to be my friend or I theirs there are around 7 billion others to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether people in one’s locality are one’s friend or not, there is a global village of potential friends who can offer more reciprocity than those in one’s immediate surroundings.

There are a few friends I have had – which were what I call good friends – that I regret losing the ‘good’ part of that friendship with. Unfortunately for me, when a good friend is demoted to either being a friend, acquaintance or person from the past, it is hard to regain the trust. These are some of the people I wish that wasn’t true about:

  • Dr John Morton – Was my election agent, and one of the few Atheists I could speak with about the origin of the world and humans debate without him being biased. He stopped being friends with me when I gave him a fright when in a delicate emotional state
  • John Evans – Was a fellow member of the Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club, who I had a lot in common with intellectually and in terms of journeys he’d been on that I wished to. One day he made me feel that the membership of someone else in the club who wanted his role as well as mine was more important than losing my membership.
  • Dr Mike Reddy – Was the only lecturer throughout my studies whose modules I got distinctions in all of. He and I have fallen out of being good friends on a number of occasions because he says something which offends me and I retaliate, ‘like-for-like‘. He’s never learned his lesson, nor I mine.


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