Some of my role models

Kier Hardie
A principled man who was not satisfied with the current political offerings so set-up his own party with others to realise his ideals.

Bill Clinton
When he was at the start of his career, Bill Clinton wasn’t the greatest public speaker, but he worked on it and then became one of the best. The first election he won was unopposed, but then he built a good team around him and went on to win two terms of office.

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin was a good and principled man, he started his religious journey as an Anglican Christian. He then understood a scientific and philosophical journey and concluded that he was not ‘A-theist’ as he did not believe a deity did not exist, but was ‘A-Gnostic’, because he acknowledged that science couldn’t prove whether or not one did exist, and it was more important for him to have complete proof than faith either way.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates started with virtually nothing and went on to create one of the biggest technology research, development, and exploitation firms in the world.

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