A Discussion with a Reasonable Man about a visit to the Otley Arms

This is a discussion between a reasonable man and myself about a visit to the Otley Arms on Wednesday 20 February 2013.

Me: I was in the Otley Arms and someone told me this other guy wanted to speak to me. This person became abusive to me. So I said to this man that he should not play hard to get because I told him I was a young boy and he might actually want me. What to you think?

Reasonable Man: It is funny, typical pub banter.

Me: He then said that he was homosexual and I was out of order and was making violent gestures towards me, and so did the other person.

Reasonable Man: Did you know this person?

Me: Yes, he had been abusive to me in the past about my autistic perosnality, and he had told me he was gay.

Reasonable Man: That explains why he reacted to you the way he did. Did the others know he was gay?

Me: Yes they all did. In any normal situation, like with the Barman Andy it would be taken in jest. I can only assume this guy is insecure in his sexuality, unlike me.

Reasonable Man: Yes it would seem so. To any outsider who did not know he was gay, it would just be pub banter. The way he reacted suggests he has insecurities in his sexuality.

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