Does thinking like an autistic give you the right to be autistic?

The trouble with having an autistic personality and being trained in proportionality is not only do you hear the words people say literally, but it upsets you when you work out the meaning of why they said it! I said to someone today how I asked my support worker if she wanted tea and she said “just milk” and I replied how she expected an autistic person to reply, saying “you want a cup of milk then?

This other person said “you are only saying that because…” – Before they had a change to finish I was enraged because I knew they were going to suggest I was “playing the part.” I think like an autistic person, are they saying I am some how “putting it on” if I act on those thoughts as opposed to restraining myself?

The Human Rights Act implements the European Convention on Human Rights and this gives me freedom of thought, conscience and religion and the right to manifest and express these.

Criticising me for my autistic personality is therefore a human rights abuse!

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