You Have (Not) Been Trolled

Only three months ago I gave a speech to over 100 people on Internet trolling at Ignite Cardiff. Today I had been penned in to give a similar speech at Pontypridd Library, but more related to the area.

I have a number of critics in Pontypridd that use the Pontytown website. When I was being supported on the website the other day I was called a “fruitcake!” Some compliment!

The number of people who turned up to my speech was nil! It was in fact as many as I expected for the reason the Library Manager said – Internet trolling was not a topic most people were interested in, even if it was about Pontypridd.

The room for my intended speech on Trolling in Pontypridd and Beyond.
The room for my intended speech on Trolling in Pontypridd and Beyond.

So my view is that if any of the people on the Pontytown website criticise me from behind their pseudonyms then I will give it no credibility as they had their chance to hold me to account and they did not. The publisher of my Internet trolling book promoted the event widely, so it is unlikely they did not know about it.

10 thoughts on “You Have (Not) Been Trolled”

    1. Not been invited to one unfortunately. Was there any reason you haven’t stood against me in the last two elections I’ve contested? Shelf stacking taking up too much of your time one must guess?

      1. Yeah, paying the bills so I can live independently of my parents….also, no need to stand against you, as your mental party is a no hoper. But good luck nonetheless!

        1. You have no moral right to complain about me if you are not willing to stand against me to let the people decide. The thing is you can’t stand because no one in the Labour Party would want to nominate your to stand for them because you’re too busy stacking shelves!

          Have you seen my latest research on the links between Anti-social personality disorder and Hater Trollers by the way?

          1. No, my reading doesn’t extend as far as esoteric, non peer reviewed journals. I’ll leave that to the master….

  1. blimey, i got more than come out to my talk at brixton community centre: it was called “bonathon jishop doesn’t know what he’s talking about” i had slides and all sorts of crazy shit. you need to do a powerpoint presentation mate. all the troll experts do these days.

  2. You have a curious way of gleaning knowledge from situations, and draw inaccurate conclusions….you never learn. Maybe if you actively listened to feedback, rather than constantly trying to prove yourself, you may get that elusive doctorate.

    It is, however, telling to find out what you think ‘academically’ about our dialogue. If you had the ability to read between the lines, and appreciate what’s actually being said, you may properly understand why it is this dialogue exists. Remember the first time I contacted you, it may be revealing.

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