Penny Smith – Conversational Delight

This morning on the Jeni Barnett show I probably has the fastest expert interview of my life – with Penny Smith, who stood in for Jeni Barnett. I do not think there is any topic Penny Smith cannot keep a conversation going on!

Penny Smith was lovely. I was saying things I perceived after were not what she wanted to hear and then before I realised it the interview with Penny Smith was over.

I thought I must have said something wrong for it to end so abruptly. When I played it back I realised what a lovely person Penny Smith was. I had actually ended the call with her making me laugh, which should have made me feel comfortable – if I had not done a typical exit!

The conversation flowed so well and so naturally with Penny Smith interviewing me that I did not realise how well it went.

It might have helped if the producing team had told me that the reason they wanted my on early was because someone else would be doing the phone-in. But it proves to me that there might be other Penny Smith’s out there who actually had a good closing remark with me and not the abrupt one that seems to happen when I change from talker to thinker!

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