All religions are made up, surely?

My mother thinks people won’t respect me because like many post-modernists I have made up my own religion. From my point of view people who adopt pre-existing ways of thought deserve the least respect, especially if unlike me they actually believe their religion to be true!

There are certain things in my life important to me – like my autistic need to eat certain things on certain days. So I have found Biblical stories that I can use to justify these lifestyle choices. If I were using the Bible as many do, to be homophobic, sexist or bigoted in other ways then maybe my mother would have a point. But apparently those people are “traditional” and it is some how fine for them to have a made-up religion that they are using to justify their lifestyle choices, which unlike mine harms others and their rights!

It is argued by a Facebook friend, Donn, that people of all religions believe they are right and others are wrong. This is true, but with the exception mine, which in my view lacks any basis in reality whatsoever! It is completely made up, just like all others!

For me as an expert troll making up one’s own religion is a good way to expose the lack of objectivity in people of a different religion. For instance, Atheists are as deluded as the Christians they try to prove wrong. Atheists are as Abrahamic as Christians, Jews and Muslims. They try to use science to prove the Bible wrong, but in doing so are saying the Bible is a legitimate document!

I am of the view that science has an inherent duty to refute every claim in the Bible. If it is not possible for science to prove a claim either way in the Bible then it should evolve to do so. When the Origin of the Species was first published it was as irrefutable as the Bible. Darwin had no proof we descended from the Great Apes, he just put 2 and 2 together and as it seems from the research published in Nature in the last week, he got 5 instead of 4. This is because scientists have now found human DNA that is 300,000 years old, suggesting a different direction of evolution to the Great Ape theory, of which the oldest Human DNA is 200,000 years old. This means that whilst Darwin’s theory of natural selection is correct, which he discovered after Welsh scientist Russel Wallace discovered it, his Great Ape theory is now thrown into turmoil.

Should we now be asking for Darwin’s theories to be taken out of science lessons and taught in history classes along with the Bible? From my point of view, because of this publication in Nature, both the Bible and The Origin of Species are historical documents that provide an insight into the thinking around the Origin of Man at the time they were written, but have no place in the teaching of science, which had found the histories in these books to be unsupported by evidence.

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