Off of their heads in Foggy Furze

As a gaming addiction researcher I was disgusted to read the article in the Hartlepool Mail about residents in Foggy Furze being against social housing in their back yard.

I live in the “leafy Pontypridd suburb” of Efail Isaf. No more than 5 minutes from my home is a drug rehab clinic and only a bit further a complex for people with emotional and behavioural conditions. My community is playing its part in helping disadvantaged groups get on the straight and narrow.

My research has found addictions are caused by a brain condition I call SDA, which can be brought on for instance by a family member suddenly dying and the person not being able cope, leading to using habit forming substances to calm the pain.

Can I ask the residents of Foggy Furze whether they could go a day without caffeine or nicotine? If not, they probably have SDA too. How about they be made to leave the area also?

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