Dr Louise Bright

Dr Louise Bright of the University of South Wales stopped me getting a doctorate. I don’t know what blotted my copy book with Dr Bright, but she allowed two examination reports that contained inaccuracies, defamation, malicious falsehood, among other misdemeanors. I spotted that Dr Louise Bright was all nice to my face but behind my back she was plotting against me. Dr Louise Bright got reports from people who were not qualified in my area of study, just because they were known to her and her colleagues. It makes my blood boil. Dr Louise Bright is a disgrace to the scientific community. Dr Louise Bright should hang her head in shame. In the first examiner’s report they were quite clear they would be willing to give further information if requested, meaning a third examiner was not needed. Therefore the first examiner’s report should have been extended and accepted, warts and all.

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