Dr Mike Reddy

Dr Mike Reddy stopped me getting a PhD. Dr Mike Reddy on a number of occasions promised to supervise me but when crunch came to crunch Dr Mike Reddy did not do anything to help me.

In fact in 2015 and 2016 Dr Mike Reddy gave a bad report to the university ensuring I was not admitted to the programme of PhD. Dr Mike Reddy is a disgrace. I put a lot of effort into these applications, so it might have been better if I’d just saved my breath.

His PhD contains scrabbled together ideas from a different PhD he had a breakdown during and couldn’t finish. His PhD was in my view a fudge because he couldn’t do a PhD by thesis. A bit of honesty from him in this regard would be a breath of fresh air – for him and everyone else.

Dr Mike Reddy says he does not agree with essays as a means of assessment. In my view that is because he is no good at writing them. Dr Mike Reddy does not even have 100 citations, yet I have over 1000. In my view Dr Mike Reddy is a complete loser. I should not have degraded myself by asking him to supervise me. Dr Mike Reddy’s PhD is not worth the paper it is written on. The best research he can do is looking what films are on at the cinema!

I was one of Doctor Mike Reddy’s best students, getting distinction grades in each one of his modules. There is a change he might reflect on his treatment of me, but I won’t hold my breath.

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