Boots were wrong to give into radical feminists

I think it is disgraceful that Boots has caved into pressure from radical feminist MPs Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy by reducing the cost of the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP).
When a GP refused to give a former partner of mine an ECP we went the the pharmacist where it cost £20, just slightly less than what Boots are charging now. The reason it was £15 more than in France was because that paid for my former partner to have a private consultation with the pharmacist to make up her own might about whether the ECP was right for her.
This was the same at Boots – part of the charge was so those asking for the ECP could have a private consultation. They might as well change their sub-name from “the chemist” to “the drug store” if they are willing to drop the independent and impartial advice they give women just because a few fanatics choose to bully them.

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