Lord Carey – I said first the Church was first!

I was pleased to read in Phil Goodwin’s article about Archbishop Lord Carey’s claim that the social change envisaged in the Big Society was already done my the Church millennia ago (The Saturday interview, Telegraph, April 23). I said the same thing at the ‘Faith, Spirituality, and Social Change conference’ in 2007! The same year I founded a social enterprise for ‘peoplising’ resources from the people- private- and public sectors to regenerate my community.

The Conservatives, however much they are able to walk the walk of the Big Society now, whereas Labour just talked the talk, are still coming to the game late. The Millionaires on the Tory front-bench, instead of lining their pockets the 13 years they were out of power could have been the 21st-century business-minded equivalents of the Victorian and Edwardian philanthropic change makers.

David Cameron and George Osborne probably have more personal wealth than every other person in Pontypridd combined, but they did nothing when out-of-power. Some of us on the other hand, came together before the term ‘Big Society’ was coined, to change our community for the better. Our ‘peoplisation’ approach of using the full benefit of the people, public and private sectors without privitisation has shown that even with limited expertise and personal wealth the Big Society model can work where the people and private sectors work in partnership with the public sector, and not in opposition of it.

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