Towards a Republican Monarchy?

Since the Welsh Assembly Powers Referendum and in the backdrop of the Royal Wedding I have been considering the constitutional situation and have thought of an integrated model that could provide for everyone’s needs.

The nationalists in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland want their nation to be a republic. Unionists often want the UK to be paramount with a monarchy and are often ‘anti-separatists’. And then there are the British Republicans who want the whole of the UK to be a republic, some of which don’t believe in devolution.

I consider myself British and am still nostalgic that we are not the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland anymore. Maybe we could be again if it was possible for a united Ireland to be an independent republic and part of the UK with the Queen as a figure head?

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland could be independently constituted republics enabled by a new Act of Union. We could all be Member Nations of the UK with the monarchy performing the job of ‘signing the paperwork’ and encouraging tourism through their eccentric traditions. They could also collect taxes from the wealthy estates, like those which have existed since 1066 and other inherited estates. The profit the monarchy raises from tourism, these wealth taxes and international activities could in part be redistributed to our National Parliaments – They can work for us for a change. Our Presidents currently may be Carwyn Jones, Alex Salmond in Wales and Scotland respectively, and England and Ireland would have their elected presidents also. We would have no laws made in Westminster, only in our National Parliaments.

In the Act of Union we would have our rights as Citizens of the UK and our Member Nation set out, including that we could travel between each nation freely and live, work or study in each without interruption or barriers. The Parliaments in the Member Nations would have to act within the limitations of our rights under this Act, and if they went too far, the Supreme Court which we would all have as our joint highest court would be able to annul such a law.

All our Parliaments could agree jointing to pass a law affecting all the Member Nations, such as relating to European Union Law, technical rules like in relation to marriage and employment rights, and could jointly instruct the monarch to sign the international treaties that we all want to be subject to. The monarch could as now give royal assent to each Member Nation’s Acts of Parliament.

We could have the Bank of England as our central bank and ‘Federal Reserve’ to step in should we need assistance, and to regulate all the financial institutions in the UK. We would keep our secret service and Armed Forces at UK level, and all the Presidents would be members of the Privy Council. This would perform a similar role to what it does now with perhaps an extension to their role as protectors of national security, such as advising the monarchy to declare a war in a time of emergency, which otherwise would have to be agreed by each of the 4 Member Nation’s Parliaments in peace time.

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