How Labour are you?

Are you a member of the Labour Party, a Labour voter, or someone from another party? Take this quiz to find out how ‘Labour’ you are.

Question 1 – Representatively and Subsidiarity
Which of these do you most agree to:
a) Decisions should be taken by those in the community affected by them.
b) Decisions should be taken by local politicians who can act in the interest of the whole community.

Question 2 – Choice and Innovation
Which of these do you most agree to:
a) In order to have a dynamic economy we need a thriving private sector to encourage choice and innovation.
b) The means of production, distribution and exchange should be in the hands of the public sector in order to provide for everyone regardless of their background.

Question 3 – Sustainability and Growth
Which of these do you most agree to:
a) Competition goes hand in hand with co-operation and you can’t have one without the other.
b) Competition is bad, as it means it is more difficult for people to co-operate.

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If you answered mainly a) then your beliefs are congruent with the Labour Party envisaged by Tony Blair, which the current constitution of the Labour Party is written in support of. You may have an entrepreneurial drive in you, a desire to better yourself while helping others, and a trust in ordinary people to do what is right for them while also being part of a strong community. You probably think it is more important for all people to have an education tailored to them, and that parents are best placed to know what is right for their children, not politicians or civil servants.

If you answered mainly b) then your beliefs are incongruent with the Labour Party envisaged by Tony Blair. You probably identify with the pre-New Labour Party of yesteryear, which envisaged a society in which everyone was treated the same way regardless of their individual differences. You probably think it is more important to maintain the homogeneous comprehensive model of education and that specialist education is wrong. You think working for profit is inherently bad, and that the only way to have a responsible society is for the state to own all the industries people depend on. You probably don’t think people can be trusted to make decisions for themselves while thinking about other people, and that allowing people to choose which education and health services they use is no way comparable to letting them choose where to buy their groceries.

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  1. It now seems Tony Blair was in bed not only with Gaddafi, which we kind of knew because it was no secret they were in communication, but he was very deeply intertwined with Rupert Murdoch too, being Godson to his child. Unbelievable – is there anyone the man in the street can trust to represent his interests?

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