Give Respect Get Respect?

I phoned 999 recently to inform the police of a crime in action. They asked my name and I said, ‘Cllr Jonathan Bishop’. The officer said, ‘I don’t care about that, just Jonathan Bishop’. Shocked and appalled I made an informal complaint. The police got back to me today and apologised for the way I was treated. They pointed out that the officer was trying to say that it made no difference whether I was a councillor or not as the priorities are the same for all people. I didn’t expect otherwise.

She then said that in future salutations would be recognised. Before she put the phone done she said, ‘Thank you Mr Bishop’ – Can you believe it!

1 thought on “Give Respect Get Respect?”

  1. I have spoken to the member of staff involved, he has reflected upon this incident and is sorry for causing offence. He did not intend to be disrespectful.

    Also, I have cascaded clear instructions to all staff that work within my department to sure the highest standards are met. Members of the public using official titles are to be respected and we will recognise those titles in a professional and polite manner.

    I trust this course of action meets with your approval.

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