Looking at me looking at you: Meeting Deborah Theasby

Deborah Theasby may not be a name known to many, but if ever there was needed to be proof of my transitional flow of persuasion model it was her.

Whenever a new member joins an online community there is a disruption, as in most literary works. When I join a community there are never any formalities, I expect to be treated as an equal as if I had always been part of it. The type of online community character I am is the “Big Man”, which is a person whose presence is prominent due to the way they assert their beliefs as strongly held facts.

Little did I know, but there was already a Big Man in that community and her name was Deborah Theasby, or Debs the Complete Knitter from Yorkshire, as her friends call her. After nearly every comment I made, Debs took it upon herself to provide definitions of the terms I used based on her objective criteria not mine! As one of my fellow intellectuals will tell you, it is second nature to me to make and define or re-define words. I currently have a personal dictionary of my terms which is 20 pages long.

Not able to cope with the disruption I made to her status quo of being the last word on every subject, Deborah Theasby entered what I call the dilemma cycle where she create a false dilemma that if the people on the board weren’t with her then they were against her. Because she was no longer the sole authority Deborah Theasby who had been on various Mensa Boards since 1998, falling out with many when she couldn’t get her own way, submitted her resignation blaming me and another member called Mark.

Deborah Theasby, did what I call intellectualizing to perseveration. She couldn’t cope with the new status quo of there being more than one Big Man in the village, so she decided to quit. She then managed to get her husband, Geoff Theasby, to suspend me from the forum for two weeks. If there was ever a case of bias and conflict of interest then that was it. Deborah Theasby is like someone pre-school, if she can’t control which toys go into the dolls house she doesn’t want a dolls house. Deborah Theasby should realise that there is more than Mensa out there and she can’t be a big fish in an ever shrinking pond.

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  1. Hello! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Appreciate it!

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