My Six Deadly Sins

1. Denying opportunity

It is sinful for others to deny me opportunities by applying dissimilar conditions to me compared to others or by not making adjustments for me in order to be treated equally to others

2. Denying understanding
It is sinful for others to assume bad faith in me, or otherwise not make an effort to understand me or help me understand them, especially if they wrongfully suggest I should harm or have harmed myself or others through action or inaction by either one of us at any point in time.

3. Denying relevance
It is sinful for others not to respect that I may be different from them and hold different interests or goals to them or to question my choice of persons I associate, the places I assemble, or the topics with which I engage.

4. Denying aspiration
It is sinful for others to not accept my aspirations to achieve a particular profession or occupation, any qualification that may lead to such, or any social or other status. To deny me rights in order to prevent me from achieving my aspirations is also sinful.

5. Denying choice
It is sinful for others to reduce the choices available to me as compared to others or to only present choices which contradict my protocols and commandments. It is sinful to try to impose conditions on me that contradict my choices.

6. Denying expression
It is sinful for others through action or inaction to prevent me from expressing myself at the opportune moment or otherwise to suggest or compel that I should not have the right to say what I wish.

You will be made accountable

Those who commit any of my six deadly sins should bear in mind evidence of their breach could be made available via my publication scheme and/or subject to the Trial by Bishop process.

Seek forgiveness

If you have tresspassed against me by committing the above sins, you can seek forgiveness by completing the form below.

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