Holidays and purposeful days


Tuesday is the first day of the week. It is for feasting and planning, in preparation for the week ahead. One should seek to be with others today, but not for what one can offer them, but for appreciating what they can offer.


Wednesday is the day of personal development. One should use it to learn more about the world; to meet with traders and friends, to debate and hear fellow countrymen’s beliefs, and to engage in sport and exercise.


Thursday is the day to make decisions. Forget to decide on this day and one may be subject to the will of others indefinitely. If one procrastinates or makes the wrong decision on this day, then they risk giving up everything they have in future days.


Friday is a day to think of others. Whether it is the family you wish to return to, the people whose beliefs are different from your own, or the people you are yet to meet. Friday should be celebrated as a day of peace, as a day of tolerance, and a day of solidarity.


Saturday is a day of feasting. It is the Sabbath day to remember Adam and Eve. One should seek to eat the ribs on an animal on this day is the remembrance of the creation of Eve from Adam, preferable made from pork as it is pigs who through Christ provide good mental health. One should eat this with rice, and remember; one should eat rice not for one’s own interest of avoiding hunger, but for the knowledge one will produce from its nutrients.


Sunday is the day for remembering Jesus Christ as it is the day God sleeps. One should prepare one’s accounts on a Sunday, remembering how Christ turned the tables on the unethical businessmen. One should as often as is possible feast on lamb this day, with bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus himself.


Monday is the last day of the week. It should be used to rest for the week ahead; to finalise anything one ought to have done but did not do in the previous week. One should use Monday to prepare intellectually and physically for the gaining of knowledge that is ahead in the week to come.

Royal Days

One should never mark a day associated with a Monarch as if it were a holy day. There is only one true King and that is King Solomon. Any monarch or statesperson who uses Solomon or his descendents, Christ and Mohammed, in the name of peace will have to justify this on the Day of Judgement. The true defender of the faith is the person who seeks the truth for themselves, as the truth cannot be imposed only learned through one’s own senses.


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