Am I noticing a pattern?

Jonathan thinks Mark Beech is fooling no one but himself

My friend Mark Beech had a book delivered our house with ‘Dr Mark Beech’ on. I thought nothing of it until he showed me a card from his mobile phone provider with ‘Dr Mark Beech’ on. He got it through answering one question from Templar University, which say they ‘respect everyone’s intelligence’ and will award degrees to anyone to prove how worthless academic degrees are.

Well, whatever Templar say, I don’t respect Mark’s intelligence. Today I asked him whether he noticed something about the order of the top three drivers at the European Grand Prix.

Looking at this table it is clear to me as someone studying at doctoral level that the car number of the next driver can be predicted by adding 1 to the current one and dividing it by 3. Also the grid position of the next driver can be predicted by multiplying the current one by 2 and adding 1.

He didn’t understand this coincidence no matter how much I tried to explain it to him. If I had said this to someone else with a real PhD, or even someone in Mensa with no qualifications, they would have easily understood it.

Mark Beech’s political name in the Official Monster Raving Loony Party is The Good Knight Sir Nosda, but he is certainly no Issac Newton!

1 thought on “Am I noticing a pattern?”

  1. I think that this had more to do with your inability to communicate your findings, as you were originality suggesting that the finishing position had some bearing on your formula, when it is now clear that they do not.

    If I did not join i9n your delusion that (1+1)/3 = 5, (2+1)/3 = 2 and that (3+1)/3 = 1, while the members of Mesa would have agreed with you then I’m quite glad I’m a member of Densa and not your elitist club.

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